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Dr Akansha Singh

Assistant Professor (Research)

Assistant Professor (Research) in the Department of Anthropology
Fellow of the Durham Research Methods Centre


I am currently working as an Assistant Professor (Research) in statistics and quantitative methods in the Department of Anthropology. My research is interdisciplinary, at the crossroads of statistics, demography, and public health. My area of expertise are Quantitative Data Analysis and Methods, Biostatistics, Mathematical Demography, Mortality and Health, and multilevel analysis. I have vast experience of handling information from the big population, social or behavioural data sources like Demographic Health Surveys, educational trials or census data, which makes me well versed in different sampling design, type of data, estimation using softwares such as SAS, R, Excel, SPSS, STATA and MLwiN. I have worked in several Global projects including Education Endowment Foundation Archive of Educational Trials UK, Longitudinal Ageing Study in India and Global Adult Tobacco Survey Project. I have also worked with international collaborators Education Endowment Foundation, UK, Harvard School of Public Health, WHO and CDC Atlanta, USA. For the last 2 year, I have been working on the appropriate use of quantitative methods in education and other social indicators and the application of machine learning techniques on public health indicators. I am delighted to have received an opportunity to be affiliated as an associated researcher in Institute for Data Science at Durham University. Apart from my research, I am actively involved in supervision of Masters Students working as interns in our projects and mentor PhD students to successfully conduct and develop their research work and career.

  • Selected for Techup women program in the North East England to receive training in data science methods
  • Selected for Aurora 2019-2020 program in United Kingdom an Advance HE`s leadership development initiative.
  • SAS Best paper award by SAS Institute, Czech Republic and Young Demographers in 9th Young Demographer Conference, Charles University Prague.
  • Awarded PN Mari Bhat Medal for best PhD thesis by Academic Council International Institute for Population Sciences, India for the academic year 2013-2016.
  • Incoming Post-doctoral Move-in-Louvain Fellowship by Universite Cathlique de Louvain and co-funded by the Marie Curie Actions of the European Commission in 2016.
  • Financial grant from Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research, Germany to attend Max Planck Winter Program 2014/15.
  • Financial grant from International Statistical Institute (ISI), funded by
    World Bank Trust Fund to attend ISI Regional Statistics Conference 2014 from 16-19 November, 2014 at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
  • Asian Population Association scholarship to attend 2nd Asian Population Conference at Bangkok in July 2012.
  • Government of India (MoHFW) Fellowship for pursuing Master and M.Phil. in Population Studies course at IIPS, Mumbai in 2008-2009.

Research interests

  • Mathematical Demography
  • Public Health Statistics
  • Social Statistics
  • Survey and RCT Data Analysis


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