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Dr Alaidde Villanueva Aguilera

Assistant Professor

Assistant Professor in the School of Education


Berenice Villanueva is a Research Associate in the School of Education. She joined the department in 2015. Her work focuses on evidence synthesis of educational interventions, including systematic reviews and meta-analysis of existing randomised and non-randomised studies. She maintains and extends the Sutton Trust/ Education Endowment Foundation (EEF) Pupil Premium Toolkit. The toolkit is a web-based resource aimed at summarising research evidence for schools to help them decide how to allocate their funding.

Before joining the department Berenice worked at the Institute for Effective Education (IEE), University of York. At the IEE, Berenice was involved in evaluations of a number of classroom-based randomised controlled trials and the development of a web-based tool to foster knowledge exchange between researchers and practitioners. She has also worked on a range of research projects relating to reading comprehension, grammar acquisition, second language learning, and psycholinguistics.