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Mr Alexander C.Q. Jansen

Technician (Digital Archaeology and Heritage)

MSc Digital Archaeology

AffiliationRoom numberTelephone
Technician (Digital Archaeology and Heritage) in the Department of Archaeology  


Chapter in book

  • Jansen, Alexander C.Q. (2020). Revisiting old data with new techniques: A re-evaluation of insulae V ii and IV ii in Ostia through the eyes of space syntax. In Designating Place: Archaeological Perspectives on Built Environments in Ostia and Pompeii. Kamermans, H. & van der Meer, L.B. Leiden University Press.

Conference Paper

  • Incomplete (Accepted), Incomplete.

Journal Article

  • Jansen, Alexander C.Q. (2020). Space syntax in a Roman tomb: Spatial analysis of the tomb of the Scipios. Tijdschrift voor Mediterrane Archeologie TMA62.

Masters Thesis

  • Jansen, Alexander C.Q. (2018). Applying space syntax methods to insula V ii in Ostia: To gain new insights into the effects of changes in the spatial organisation of urban buildings during the Late Roman Empire. Masters.