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Alexander Mangerel

Assistant Professor, Number Theory

Ph.D (U. Toronto)

AffiliationRoom numberTelephone
Assistant Professor, Number Theory in the Department of Mathematical SciencesMCS3115 

Research groups

  • Pure Mathematics


Journal Article

  • Lamzouri, Youness & Mangerel, Alexander P. (Accepted). Large odd order character sums and improvements of the P\'olya-Vinogradov inequality. Transactions of the American Mathematical Society
  • Klurman, Oleksiy, Mangerel, Alexander, Pohoata, Cosmin & Teräväinen, Joni (Accepted). Multiplicative functions that are close to their mean. Transactions of the American Mathematical Society
  • Mangerel, Alexander P. (2021). Squarefree Integers in Arithmetic Progressions to Smooth Moduli. Forum of Mathematics, Sigma
  • MANGEREL, ALEXANDER P. (2020). On the bivariate Erdős–Kac theorem and correlations of the Möbius function. Mathematical Proceedings of the Cambridge Philosophical Society 169(3): 547.
  • Mangerel, Alexander P (2020). Short Character Sums and the Pólya–Vinogradov Inequality. The Quarterly Journal of Mathematics 71(4): 1281.
  • Klurman, Oleksiy & Mangerel, Alexander P. (2020). On the orbits of multiplicative pairs. Algebra & Number Theory 14(1): 155.
  • Klurman, Oleksiy & Mangerel, Alexander P. (2018). Rigidity theorems for multiplicative functions. Mathematische Annalen 372(1-2): 651.