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Assistant Professor in the Department of Engineering+44 (0) 191 33 42451


Alexandros is an Assistant Professor of Offshore Geotechnics within the Department of Engineering at Durham University. He received his MEng (Mining) from Technical University of Athens in 2009 (Greece), his MSc in Geomechanics from TU Delft (Netherlands) in 2012 and his PhD from UC Davis in 2018 (USA). He has worked as a researcher at the finite element software company Plaxis BV (currently part of Bentley systems) and also as a postdoctoral researcher at Chalmers University (Sweden) and Imperial College (UK).

Alexandros' research interests lies in the areas of: (i) soil and metal plasticity with a specific focus on cyclic loading and ratcheting, (ii) numerical analysis of geotechnical problems (iii) soil-atmosphere interaction modelling and coupled phenomena in geotechnics (iv) non-destructive soil testing with the use of XRCT.

Research interests

  • Development of a mini-triaxial apparatus for testing with XRCT
  • Development of a soil constitutive model for cyclic loading and ratcheting of offshore sands
  • Metal plasticity for uniaxial and multiaxial ratcheting
  • Numerical modelling of offshore structures


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