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Amit Einav

Assistant Professor, Analysis & Partial Differential Equations

Ph.D Georgia Institute of Technology

AffiliationRoom numberTelephone
Assistant Professor, Analysis & Partial Differential Equations in the Department of Mathematical SciencesMCS3028 

Research interests

  • Applied Analysis
  • Applied Probability
  • PDEs
  • Spectral Theory
  • Functional Inequalities
  • Optimal Transportation
  • Interpolation Theory
  • Semigroup Theory

Research groups

  • Applied & Computational Mathematics
  • Applied & Computational Mathematics: Analysis & Partial Differential Equations


Journal Article

  • Arnold, Anton, Einav, Amit, Signorello, Beatrice & Wöhrer, Tobias (2021). Large Time Convergence of the Non-homogeneous Goldstein-Taylor Equation. Journal of Statistical Physics 182(2): 41.
  • Einav, Amit, Morgan, Jeffrey J. & Tang, Bao Q. (2020). Indirect Diffusion Effect in Degenerate Reaction-Diffusion Systems. SIAM Journal on Mathematical Analysis 52(5): 4314.
  • Ben-Artzi, Jonathan & Einav, Amit (2020). Weak Poincaré Inequalities in the Absence of Spectral Gaps. Annales Henri Poincaré 21(2): 359.
  • Cãnizo, José A., Einav, Amit & Lods, Bertrand (2019). Uniform moment propagation for the Becker--Döring equations. Proceedings of the Royal Society of Edinburgh: Section A Mathematics 149(04): 995.
  • Cwikel, Michael & Einav, Amit (2019). Interpolation of weighted Sobolev spaces. Journal of Functional Analysis 277(7): 2381.
  • A. Carlen, Eric, C. Carvalho, Maria & Einav, Amit (2018). Entropy production inequalities for the Kac Walk. Kinetic & Related Models 11(2): 219.
  • Arnold, Anton, Einav, Amit & Wöhrer, Tobias (2018). On the rates of decay to equilibrium in degenerate and defective Fokker–Planck equations. Journal of Differential Equations 264(11): 6843.
  • Cañizo, José A., Einav, Amit & Lods, Bertrand (2018). On the rate of convergence to equilibrium for the linear Boltzmann equation with soft potentials. Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications 462(1): 801.
  • Cañizo, José, Einav, Amit & Lods, Bertrand (2017). Trend to equilibrium for the Becker–Döring equations  an analogue of Cercignani’s conjecture. Analysis & PDE 10(7): 1663.
  • Einav, Amit (2016). On the Subadditivity of the Entropy on the Sphere. The Journal of Geometric Analysis 26(4): 3098.
  • Briant, Marc & Einav, Amit (2016). On the Cauchy Problem for the Homogeneous Boltzmann–Nordheim Equation for Bosons: Local Existence, Uniqueness and Creation of Moments. Journal of Statistical Physics 163(5): 1108.
  • Einav, Amit (2014). A few ways to destroy entropic chaoticity on Kac’s Sphere. Communications in Mathematical Sciences 12(1): 41.
  • Carrapatoso, Kleber & Einav, Amit (2013). Chaos and entropic chaos in Kac's model without high moments. Electronic Journal of Probability 18(0).
  • Einav, Amit & Loss, Michael (2012). Sharp trace inequalities for fractional Laplacians. Proceedings of the American Mathematical Society 140(12): 4209.
  • Einav, Amit (2012). A Counter Example to Cercignani’s Conjecture for the d Dimensional Kac Model. Journal of Statistical Physics 148(6): 1076.
  • Einav, Amit (2011). On Villani's conjecture concerning entropy production for the Kac Master equation. Kinetic & Related Models 4(2): 479.