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Andrew Golightly

Associate Professor

MMathStat, PhD Newcastle University

AffiliationRoom numberTelephone
Associate Professor in the Department of Mathematical SciencesMCS3113+44 (0) 191 33 46228

Research interests

  • Bayesian Statistics
  • Simulation-based inference approaches e.g. MCMC, SMC
  • Stochastic Kinetic Models
  • Stochastic Differential Equations

Esteem Indicators

  • 2009 Biennial RSS Research Prize: Awarded for work at the interface between Statistics and Systems Biology
  • Editorial Duties: AE, Mathematical Biosciences (2015-2020) ;
  • Membership of Professional Body: RSS fellow
  • National and International Collaboration: C. Sherlock (Lancaster), U. Picchini (Chalmers, Sweden), T. Kypraios (Nottingham), A. Baggaley (Newcastle)


Journal Article

  • Golightly, Andrew & Sherlock, Chris (2022). Augmented pseudo-marginal Metropolis-Hastings for partially observed diffusion processes. Statistics and Computing 32: 21.
  • Wadkin, Laura E., Branson, Julia, Hoppit, Andrew, Parker, Nick G., Golightly, Andrew & Baggaley, Andrew W. (2022). Inference for epidemic models with time varying infection rates: tracking the dynamics of oak processionary moth in the UK. Ecology and Evolution
  • Sherlock, Chris, Thiery, Alexandre H. & Golightly, Andrew (2021). Efficiency of delayed-acceptance random walk Metropolis algorithms. The Annals of Statistics 49(5): 2972-2990.
  • Fisher, H. F., Boys, R. J., Gillespie, C. S., Proctor, C. J. & Golightly, A. (2021). Parameter inference for a stochastic kinetic model of expanded polyglutamine proteins. Biometrics
  • Wiqvist, Samuel, Golightly, Andrew, McLean, Ashleigh T. & Picchini, Umberto (2021). Efficient inference for stochastic differential equation mixed-effects models using correlated particle pseudo-marginal algorithms. Computational Statistics & Data Analysis 157: 107151.
  • Drovandi, Christopher, Everitt, Richard G., Golightly, Andrew & Prangle, Dennis (2022). Ensemble MCMC: Accelerating Pseudo-Marginal MCMC for State Space Models using the Ensemble Kalman Filter. Bayesian Analysis 17(1): 223-260.
  • Lai, Yingying, Golightly, Andrew & Boys, Richard J. (2020). Sequential Bayesian inference for spatio-temporal models of temperature and humidity data. Journal of Computational Science 43: 101125.
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