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Dr Anna McLeod

Assistant Professor

AffiliationRoom numberTelephone
Assistant Professor in the Department of PhysicsOCW120 
Assistant Professor in the Centre for Extragalactic AstronomyOCW120 


Journal Article

  • McLeod, Anna F, Ali, Ahmad A, Chevance, Mélanie, Bruna, Lorenza Della, Schruba, Andreas, Stevance, Heloise F, Adamo, Angela, Kruijssen, J M Diederik, Longmore, Steven N, Weisz, Daniel R & Zeidler, Peter (2021). The impact of pre-supernova feedback and its dependence on environment. Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 508(4): 5425-5448.
  • Zeidler, Peter, Sabbi, Elena, Nota, Antonella & McLeod, Anna F. (2021). The Young Massive Star Cluster Westerlund 2 Observed with MUSE. III. A Cluster in Motion—The Complex Internal Dynamics. The Astronomical Journal 161(3): 140.
  • Reiter, Megan, Guzmán, Andrés E, Haworth, Thomas J, Klaassen, Pamela D, McLeod, Anna F, Garay, Guido & Mottram, Joseph C (2020). Illuminating a tadpole’s metamorphosis II: observing the ongoing transformation with ALMA. Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 496(1): 394.
  • Reiter, Megan, Haworth, Thomas J, Guzmán, Andrés E, Klaassen, Pamela D, McLeod, Anna F & Garay, Guido (2020). Illuminating a tadpole’s metamorphosis III: quantifying past and present environmental impact. Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 497(3): 3351.
  • Stevance, H F, Eldridge, J J, McLeod, A, Stanway, E R & Chrimes, A A (2020). A systematic ageing method I: H ii regions D118 and D119 in NGC 300. Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 498(1): 1347.
  • Monguió, M., Greimel, R., Drew, J. E., Barentsen, G., Groot, P. J., Irwin, M. J., Casares, J., Gänsicke, B. T., Carter, P. J., Corral-Santana, J. M., Gentile-Fusillo, N. P., Greiss, S., van Haaften, L. M., Hollands, M., Jones, D., Kupfer, T., Manser, C. J., Murphy, D. N. A., McLeod, A. F., Oosting, T., Parker, Q. A., Pyrzas, S., Rodríguez-Gil, P., van Roestel, J., Scaringi, S., Schellart, P., Toloza, O., Vaduvescu, O., van Spaandonk, L., Verbeek, K., Wright, N. J., Eislöffel, J., Fabregat, J., Harris, A., Morris, R. A. H., Phillipps, S., Raddi, R., Sabin, L., Unruh, Y., Vink, J. S., Wesson, R., Cardwell, A., de Burgos, A., Cochrane, R. K., Doostmohammadi, S., Mocnik, T., Stoev, H., Suárez-Andrés, L., Tudor, V., Wilson, T. G. & Zegmott, T. J. (2020). IGAPS: the merged IPHAS and UVEX optical surveys of the northern Galactic plane. Astronomy & Astrophysics 638: A18.
  • McLeod, Anna F., Kruijssen, J. M. Diederik, Weisz, Daniel R., Zeidler, Peter, Schruba, Andreas, Dalcanton, Julianne J., Longmore, Steven N., Chevance, Mélanie, Faesi, Christopher M. & Byler, Nell (2020). Stellar Feedback and Resolved Stellar IFU Spectroscopy in the Nearby Spiral Galaxy NGC 300. The Astrophysical Journal 891(1): 25.
  • Flagey, N., McLeod, A. F., Aguilar, L. & Prunet, S. (2020). Wide field-of-view study of the Eagle Nebula with the Fourier transform imaging spectrograph SITELLE at CFHT. Astronomy & Astrophysics 635: A111.
  • Klaassen, P D, Reiter, M R, McLeod, A F, Mottram, J C, Dale, J E & Gritschneder, M (2019). Carina’s pillars of destruction: the view from ALMA. Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 491(1): 178.

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