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Dr Teti Dragas

Associate Professor (Teaching)

MA Manchester, PhD, Durham; RSA DELTA, SFHEA

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Associate Professor (Teaching) in the Durham Centre for Academic Development (DCAD)  


Personal Profile

I am an Associate Professor (Teaching) in English Language Teaching and Teacher Education in Durham Centre for Academic Development (DCAD). I work across two key fields: English language teacher education and academic proessional development.

Within Academic Professional Development, I lead of Durham's Professional Recognition Pathway which supports colleagues to achieve HEA Fellowship (Fellow, Senior Fellow) through an experiential route and I teach on the PGCLTHE (Postgraduate Certificate for Learning and Teaching in Higher Education). I am also part of a team that is working on a 400K European ERASMUS + funding project ‘Intercultural Reflection on Teaching’ which aims to support academic development across HE in Europe, working with colleagues in the University of Frankfurt, Germany and the University of Padua, Italy.

I have extensive experience in English language teaching and teacher education, having worked in the field for twenty years, teaching and managing programmes within General English, EAP and teacher education. From 2011-18, I was Director of the MA TESOL Programmes during which time I worked to build and develop the two programmes (MA TESOL and MA Applied Linguistics for TESOL) leading a successful programme curriculum development and supporting the development of a large majority of modules across the curriculum. I convene modules that aim to train new practitioners and develop experienced practitioners through an exploration of both theoretical and practical issues pertinent to the language classroom. I also convene a module in teacher education (Second Language Teacher Education in Practice) which explores how we might go about the education of language teachers, identifying approaches to training and development that serve to aid teacher trainers and educators in their practice.

My PhD is in Contemporary Literature and I have also taught and led a number of UG modules in this field at Durham University and at the University of Sunderland. My monograph (Bloomsbury) explored contemporary literary works through a focus on the storyteller a storytelling. In the last few years I have began to bring my humanities research and pedagogic scholarship and experience together and am leading a number of projects working with colleagues in a number of departments across the institution exploring the affordances of Digital Storytelling to support learning discipline-specific contexts.

My research interests come out of my teaching and experience in the field of language education, culture and narrative. In addition to my work in storytelling, specifically in the field of English Language Teacher Education and Academic Professional Development I have focused on the affordances of reflective practice exploring to aid teacher development through the use of video and digital tools. I am also developing research on 'culture' and the intercultural specifically to the training and development of 'international/global' teachers of English.

I am currently supervising PhD students in collaboration with colleagues from the School of Education in the field of intercultural communication, teacher education, English Language Materials and Storytelling.

Research interests

  • Second Language Teacher Education
  • Language Teaching Methodology
  • Culture and Intercultural Communication
  • Academic Professional Development & Education
  • Materials Development
  • (Digital) Storytelling & Pedagogy

Research Projects

  • IntRef Project: Intercultural Reflection on Teaching

Media Contacts

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  • Language, Literature & the Arts:
  • English Literature & Drama:
  • Linguistics & Language:


Chapter in book

Conference Paper

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Conference Proceeding

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  • Dragas, A. (2014). The Return of the Storyteller in Contemporary Fiction. Bloomsbury: New York and London.


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