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Gozde Bicak

PhD candidate

PhD candidate in the Durham CELLS (Centre for Ethics and Law in the Life Sciences)


Beyza Gözde is a PhD candidate at Durham University, Law School. She completed her undergraduate degree at Bahcesehir University Faculty of Law in Istanbul, Turkey with a merit-based scholarship with Honours. In 2021 she acquired LLM degree on Intellectual Property and Internet Technologies Law from King’s College London the Dickson Poon School of Law with Merit. In the context of her masters’ study, she has problematized the question of whether Artificial Intelligence has a Legal Personality or not. She was working in Turkey as a Lawyer before embarking her doctoral studies. 

Current Research

Supervised by Professor Shaun Pattinson and Professor William Lucy, her PhD research title is “Legal liability in relation to health-related artificial intelligence - A comparative study”. The application of artificial intelligence in healthcare raises several legal liability concerns in any jurisdiction, which will be examined in her research. The research will specifically focus on the liability issues raised from using artificial intelligence in healthcare aiming to provide a comparative analysis of the rules and laws in Turkish and the United Kingdom (UK) legal perspectives. The main objective is to consider how the issue in question can most appropriately be solved under the different legal circumstances of both countries and how the positive law of each country may benefit from each other on this problem. While the research is focused on Turkey and the UK laws, it may include comparative components, drawing on the legal systems, case law and literature of the United States, the European Union, and other relevant legal systems.