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Dr Christina Chinas

Assistant Professor

Assistant Professor in the School of Education


Dr. Christina Chinas (Siina) is a distinguished Assistant Professor at Durham University's School of Education, renowned for her significant contributions to educational leadership and policy development. Her illustrious academic path is highlighted by a Ph.D. in Educational from the University of Cambridge, complemented by an MPhil in Educational Leadership and School Improvement, an MA in Curriculum, Pedagogy, and Assessment, and a BA in Philosophy, Pedagogy, and Psychology. Her career in academia is marked by transformative roles within the education sector. A particularly notable achievement is her vital role in designing and establishing the MA in Educational Leadership and Change at Durham University. Dr. Chinas's expertise in educational methodologies is evident in her development of the program's cutting-edge curriculum, exemplifying her dedication to nurturing progressive learning environments.Beyond academia, Dr. Chinas's professional influence extends across various global organizations and regions. Recently, she was selected as an Education Consultant for UNICEF's European and Central Asia Office. In this role, she significantly contributed to designing the Educator’s Digital Competence Framework for the LEARNIN initiative. LEARNIN, a pioneering project under UNICEF in ECA, aims to integrate and amplify digital learning efforts, focusing on delivering impactful results for vulnerable children. Her role involved contextualizing support for country offices and leveraging regional partnerships, reinforcing her status as an expert in digital learning and educational reform.Additionally, Dr. Chinas has provided invaluable insights in advisory roles with EdTech companies and international organizations. Her collaborations with various national Ministries of Education have been instrumental in driving educational reform and enhancing development initiatives.As an active member of several esteemed professional networks, Dr. Chinas consistently contributes to the forefront of educational research and innovation. Her commitment to advancing the field of education is recognized through awards like the ESRC IAA "Mentoring Impact" Scheme. Her multicultural background and understanding of educational dynamics enable her to offer a unique perspective in academia and contribute significantly to the broader educational discourse.


Teaching and Learning

As an Assistant Professor at Durham University's School of Education, my teaching philosophy emphasizes collaborative, inquiry-driven learning that nurtures critical thinking and lifelong learning. I believe education is as much about inspiring discovery and potential as it is about imparting knowledge.

In developing the MA in Educational Leadership and Change, I've integrated contemporary theories with practical applications, aiming to prepare future leaders for the dynamic educational landscape. My teaching methods combine interactive learning, including discussions and case studies, with both traditional and innovative techniques, utilizing digital tools to cater to diverse learning styles and enhance engagement.

I'm committed to continuous professional development for both myself and my students, ensuring our work remains relevant and impactful. This commitment extends to my role as a mentor, where I guide students in honing their research and critical thinking skills, fostering their growth as independent thinkers and contributors to the field of education.

PhD Topics

Dr Chinas would be pleased to hear from potential students with research interests in the following field digital learning and educational technology, educational leadership and administration, curriculum development and pedagogical innovation, policy analysis and educational reform, professional development of educators, inclusive education and diversity, assessment and evaluation in education, global and comparative education.


Research Interests

Dr. Chinas's research interests are broad and impactful, addressing crucial areas such as educators’ continuous professional development, digital learning advancements, and educational policy. Her extensive research activities delve into pivotal educational themes, including digital competence and inclusive teaching methodologies. She is interested in developing cross-national research and methodologies to conduct research with diverse educational systems in European countries and internationally. 

Research interests

  • • Educational Leadership
  • • Policy Development
  • • Strategic Planning &Analysis
  • • Educator's continuous professional development
  • • Curriculum Design
  • • Digital Learning
  • • Stakeholder Engagement & Networking

Esteem Indicators

  • 2023: External Evaluator for Master Programmes:
  • 2021: Education Advisor - UNICEF Europe and Central Asia Office:
  • 2019: Advisor - Member of Evaluation Committee Ministry of Education and Culture, Cyprus:
  • 2016: EdTech Advisor:

Supervision students