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Mr Christophe Patterson

Research Postgraduate (PhD)

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Research Postgraduate (PhD) of Department of Biosciences  


Research At Durham

Does interspecific behavioural interference limit the ability of species to range shifts? I workon a genus of damselflies,Hetaerina, where species engage and experience varying levels ofaggressive and reproductive interference. Do the ranges ofHetaerinaspecies that experience lower levels of interspecific interference expand more rapidly?


Journal Article

  • Sanders, Dirk, Frago, Enric, Kehoe, Rachel, Patterson, Christophe & Gaston, Kevin J. (2021). A meta-analysis of biological impacts of artificial light at night. Nature Ecology & Evolution 5(1): 74.
  • Patterson, Christophe, Slater, Matt, Early, Regan & Laing, Chris (2020). The status of Clibanarius erythropus after a recent range expansion to Great Britain, with the highest latitude recording of a gravid individual. Marine Biodiversity Records 13(1).