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AffiliationRoom numberTelephone
Assistant Professor in the Department of Computer ScienceMCS 1009+44 (0) 191 33 40418


Dr Stewart has worked in the areas of HCI, Serious Games, Personalised Systems, Multimedia and Cultural Studies in research and education for over 25 years. Dr Stewart's doctoral research (entitled A Cultural Education Model: Design and Implementation of Adaptive Multimedia Interfaces in eLearning) consists of examining the effect that technology enhanced learning is having on cultural education and how HCI influences this.

Research interests

  • Adaptive Systems
  • HCI
  • User modelling
  • Personalised Systems
  • elearning
  • Cultural Studies

Media Contacts

Available for media contact about:

  • Business: Education and awareness: Personalised, digital systems
  • Computer Science: Personalised, digital systems
  • Computer Science: Information systems and Cultural studies
  • Identity, ethnicity and culture: Information systems and Cultural studies
  • Science: Education, industry & the community: Information systems and Cultural studies


Chapter in book

Conference Paper

Doctoral Thesis

  • Stewart, Craig (2012). A cultural education model: design and implementation of adaptive multimedia interfaces in eLearning. University of Nottingham. PhD.
  • Celik, Ilknur, Stewart, Craig & Ashman, Helen (2006). Interoperability as an aid to authoring: Accessing user models in multiple AEH systems. CiteSeerX. PhD.
  • Ashman, Helen L, Brailsford, Tim, Martin, Duncan, Moore, Adam & Stewart, Craig (2003). Proxy-based linking in an adaptive Web-based Integrated Learning Environment. ACTA Press. PhD.

Journal Article

  • Alshehri, Mohammad, Alamri, Ahmed, Cristea, Alexandra I. & Stewart, Craig D. (2021). Towards Designing Profitable Courses: Predicting Student Purchasing Behaviour in MOOCs. International Journal of Artificial Intelligence in Education 31(2): 215-233.
  • Lameras, Petros, Arnab, Sylvester, Dunwell, Ian, Stewart, Craig, Clarke, Samantha & Petridis, Panagiotis (2017). Essential features of serious games design in higher education: Linking learning attributes to game mechanics. British journal of educational technology 48(4): 972-994.
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