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Professor Dave Roberts


Professor in the Department of Geography+44 (0) 191 33 41935


My research interests centre on glacial sedimentary processes and understanding millenial-scale changes in ice sheet and ice stream dynamics.

In Greenland my work focuses on ice sheet evolution and ice stream dynamics during the last glacial cycle. I have studied ice sheet behaviour along the West and Southeast margins of the Greenland ice sheet and also have interests in large palaeo, cross-shelf ice streams such as the Uummannaq Ice Stream System, Jakobshavns Isbare and Holsteinborgs Isbrae and the forcing mechanisms that govern their long term behaviour. Our new work on the NE Greenland Ice Stream (NEGIS Project 2016 - 2020) aims to shed light on the deglacial and Holocene dynamic history of NEGIS and to explore the forcing mechanisms that governed its millenial-scale behaviour.

In the UK, my work in Norfolk, the Irish Sea and the East coast has focussed on the importance of understanding the subglacial and ice marginal processes that accompany ice sheet/stream advance and retreat during glacial cycles. On the east coast, understanding the controls on LGM ice sheet dynamics and fast ice flow in the NE sector of the BIIS has been a major focus of recent work, as have interactions between the British and Fennoscandanavian ice sheets throughout the Quaternary. Two current projects; Britice-Chrono (NERC Consortium) and GLANAM (EU Funded); are both aiming to reconstruct deglacial behaviour of the British-Irish Ice Sheet in order to contextualise future changes in Greeland and Antartica.

Research interests

  • Ice stream evolution and behaviour
  • Subglacial processes and ice sheet dynamics
  • Ice-sheet marginal dynamics, glaciomarine processes and sea-level change


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