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Professor in the Department of Geography+44 (0) 191 33 41886


  • BA (Hons), St. David's University College, University of Wales, Lampeter, 1982
  • MSc, Memorial University of Newfoundland, Canada, 1984. Glacial Geomorphology and Chronology in the Selamiut Range/Nachvak Fjord Area, Torngat Mountains, Northern Labrador, Canada
  • PhD, University of Alberta, Canada, 1988. Late Quaternary History of Phillips Inlet and the Wootton Peninsula, North West Ellesmere Island, Canadian High Arctic
  • Busk Medal (Royal Geographical Society), 2017, for excellence and originality in the study of glacial landscapes and processes and empowering the next generation

I am a glacial geomorphologist and my research focuses on three themes which lie at the interface of glacial geology and Quaternary science, concentrating specifically on palaeoglaciology or the reconstruction of former glaciers and ice sheets through time:

Glacial Landsystems

My glacial geomorphological research develops conceptual landsystems models for assessments of glacial process-form relationships, concentrating primarily on modern analogues from a variety of glacierized catchments, ranging from the arid high arctic to hyper-humid, mid latitude mountains. Around the North Atlantic this has included photogrammetric survey and mapping of glacier snouts and the initiation of long term process-form monitoring projects. I employ glacial landsystems models in palaeoglaciological reconstructions at the SW margin of the former Laurentide Ice Sheet in western Canada, mountain glaciations in Norway, South Georgia, Iceland New Zealand and Britain, the Innuitian Ice Sheet in the Canadian arctic and the British and Irish Ice Sheet, the latter being reported through the BRITICE-CHRONO GIS database and the Glacial Map of Britain. More recently I have been collaborating with the Engineering Geology group of the Geological Society in assembling technical guides for engineering investigations in glaciated and periglaciated terrains.

Selection of recent key publications:

  • Evans D.J.A. (2017) Conceptual ground models: British and Irish case studies. In, Griffiths, J.S. & Martin, C.J. (eds.) Engineering Geology and Geomorphology of Glaciated and Periglaciated Terrains. Geological Society, London, Engineering Geology Special Publication 28, 369-500
  • Evans D.J.A. (2013) The glacial and periglacial research - Geomorphology and Retreating Glaciers. In, Shroder J. (ed. in chief), Giardino R. & Harbor J. (eds.), Treatise on Geomorphology. Academic Press, San Diego. Volume 8, Glacial and Periglacial Geomorphology, 460-478
  • Benn D.I. & Evans D.J.A. (2010) Glaciers and Glaciation. Second edition. Hodder Education, London: 802pp
  • Evans D.J.A. (ed.) (2003) Glacial Landsystems. Arnold, London: 535p

Glacial Sedimentology

My research on glacial sedimentary environments focuses on ice-marginal settings, especially in the understanding of the relationships between subglacial till genesis and glacier dynamics. This includes the development of a genetically framed classification scheme for tills and glacitectonites, which has reconciled process data with geological criteria and has elucidated the concept of a temporal and spatial mosaic of till formation. I have further linked subglacial process-form relationships to models of landform development at modern glacier margins through a combined macro- and micro-scale approach to glacial sedimentology.

Selection of recent key publications:

  • Evans D.J.A. (2018) Till: A Glacial Process Sedimentology. Wiley-Blackwell, Chichester: 390p
  • Evans D.J.A. & Benn D.I. (eds.) (2004) A practical Guide to the Study of Glacial Sediments. Arnold, London: 266p
  • Evans, D.J.A., Roberts, D.H., Hiemstra, J.F., Nye, K.M., Wright, H. & Steer, A. (2018) Submarginal debris transport and till formation in active temperate glacier systems: the southeast Iceland type locality. Quaternary Science Reviews 195, 72-108

Quaternary Palaeoenvironments of Glaciated Basins (Palaeoglaciology)

I contribute to reconstructions of former glacier ice cover in various locations around the Earth, using my expertise in palaeoglaciology and glacial sedimentology. This includes histories of glaciation and associated relative sea level change in the Canadian High Arctic and Arctic mainland, Svalbard, Arctic Norway, Iceland and South Georgia. On longer timescales this includes also the detailed records of the onset of Quaternary glaciation in western Canada based upon the evolution of preglacial valley systems and their glacigenic infills.

Selection of recent key publications:

  • Evans D.J.A. (2018) Glaciation - A Very Short Introduction. Oxford University Press
  • Clark C.D., Ely J.C., Greenwood S.L., Hughes A.L.C., Meehan R., Barr I.D., Bateman M.D., Bradwell T., Doole J., Evans D.J.A., Jordan C.J., Monteys X., Pellicer X.M. & Sheehy M. (2018) BRITICE Glacial Map, version 2: a map and GIS database of glacial landforms of the last British-Irish Ice Sheet. Boreas 47, 11-27
  • Evans D.J.A. (2016) Landscapes at the periphery of glacierization - retrospect and prospect. Scottish Geographical Journal 132, 140-163
Vatnajökull National Park (Southern Region): Guide to a Glacial Landscape Legacy

Professor David J.A. Evans. Reykjavík: Vatnajökull National Park, 2016. ISBN 978-9935-9343-0-7

"Professor Evans has not only produced that 'more than normal' textbook, he has also provided a magnificent array of maps, diagrams, tabulated data, and photographs, mostly in colour. Many of the full-page colour photographs stand independently as breathtaking works of art that I long to have on my living room walls. His written expression is excellent and parallels the outstanding exposition of his unsurpassed scientific competence".

(Jack Ives, Arctic 70(2): 220).

Iceland Maps

Research interests

  • Quaternary palaeoenvironments
  • palaeoglaciology and landsystems


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