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Mr Daniel Eddisford

Member of the Department of Archaeology


I completed my PhD in Durham (2020) after studying at University College London. I have been employed in the archaeological sector for over 20 years, working extensively in the UK, Turkey, the Middle East, and Arabia. I have a long standing interest in the archaeology of the Arabian Gulf and I continue to undertake fieldwork in the region.

Professional Roles
  • Member of the Steering and Editorial Committee of the Seminar for Arabian Studies
  • Associate Member of the Chartered Institute for Archaeologists
Selected Publications
  • Eddisford, D. (2022) Exchange networks of the Early Bronze Age Gulf: The imported ceramics from Kalba 4 (United Arab Emirates). Arabain Archaeology and Epigraphy.
  • Eddisford, D. (2013) Building 49. Pages 313-356 in I. Hodder (ed.) Çatalhöyük Excavations: The 2000-2008 Seasons: Volume 7. Los Angeles: Cotsen Press; London: British Institute at Ankara.
  • Clarke, C., Carew, T. & Eddisford, D. (2011) Medieval Occupation in Maldon, Essex: Excavations at 127-129 High Street. Essex Archaeology and History 2: 107 - 116.
  • ­Eddisford, D. (2010) A Medieval Moat at Hope Cottage, High Street, Egham. Surrey Archaeological Collections 95: 57-65.
  • Eddisford, D., Melikian, M. & Wilson, M.D. (2010) The Medieval Manor of Chilverscoton: Excavations At Bermuda Park, Nuneaton, Warwickshire, 1970 – 2004. Transactions of the Birmingham and Warwickshire Archaeological Society 14: 81-109.
  • Eddisford, D. (2009) Excavations at a Multi-Period Site near Cams Hill School, Fareham, Hampshire. Proceedings: Hampshire Field Club and Archaeological Society 64: 81-104
  • Eddisford, D. & Harpelund, A.M. (2009) The City Wall and the Northwest Area (EP01). In M. Bile (ed) End of the Season Report 2009, Vol. 1. Archaeological Excavations & Survey at az-Zubarah, Qatar. Copenhagen: University of Copenhagen/Qatar Museums Authority.
  • Eddisford, D., Regan, R. & Taylor, J.S. (2009) The experimental firing of a Neolithic Oven. Pages 159-161 in S. Farid (ed) Çatalhöyük 2009 Archive Report: Çatalhöyük Research Project.
  • Carew, T., Eddisford D., Pearce J. & Vince, A. (2009) Axe Street Barking, and the Supply of Medieval Mill Green Type Ware to London and South Essex. London Archaeologist 12 (5): 138-142.
Papers Presented
  • Carter, R., Eddisford, D. and Al-Naimi, F.A. (2018) Archaeology, Migration and Globalisation at Fuwairit, Qatar. Presented to the Seminar for Arabian Studies, London.
  • Eddisford, D and Philips, C. (2018) Kalba – a midway point on the Early Bronze Age maritime trade route between Mesopotamia and the Indus. Presented to the Seminar for Arabian Studies, London.
  • Eddisford, D. and Carter, R. (2017) Recording the Vernacular Architecture of Doha. Presented to the Mapping Traditional Khaliji Architecture: Qatar, the Gulf and the World, 1750s-1950s conference, Qatar National Library.
  • Eddisford, D. (2015) Joint QM-UCL Qatar Old Doha Rescue Excavation - UCL Qatar Trenches. Presented to the Heritage of Doha, Identity of Qatar Conference, UCL Qatar.Morgan, C., Eddisford, D., Carter, R. (2015) The Origins of Doha Project: Urban Rescue Archaeology in Qatar. Presented to the University of York Research Seminar Series.
  • Carter, R., Sakal, F., Eddisford, D., Roberts, K. and Naimi, F. (2014) The Foundation and Growth of a Pearling Town: Archaeological Excavations in Central Doha. Presented to the Seminar for Arabian Studies, London.
  • Eddisford, D. and Morgan, C. (2013) Simulacra and Cultural Heritage in Qatar. Presented to the Theoretical Archaeology Group Meeting, Chicago.
  • Richter, T., Mackie, D., Macumber, P., Al Na'imi, F., Rosendahl, S., Wordsworth., P. and Eddisford, D. (2011) Archaeological Characterisation of 18th-19th Century Rural Settlement in Northern Qatar. Presented to the Seminar for Arabian Studies, London.
  • Eddisford, D. (2009) Southeast Arabia and the Indus Valley in the Early Bronze Age. Presented to The Annual Conference of the British Association for Near Eastern Archaeology, Durham.
  • Eddisford, D. (2008) The Bronze ­­Age at Kalba. Presented to the Seminar for Arabian Studies, London.
Posters Presented
  • Michalski, M., Carter, R., Eddisford, D., Fletcher, R. and Morgan, C. (2016) Doha Online Historical Atlas - GIS interactive mapping of space and time in a pearling town. Presented to the Computer Applications and Quantitative Methods in Archaeology Conference (CAA), Oslo.
  • Carter, R., Al Naimi, F., Al Obaidly, F., Al Na'ama, N., Alrayes, K., Al Dosari, F., Sakal, F., Moe, T., Fletcher, R., Morgan, C. and Eddisford, D. (2014). The Future of Doha's Past. Presented to the Qatar Foundation Annual Research Conference.

Research interests

  • Arabian archaeology
  • Archaeology of Trade and Economy
  • Archaeology of the Ancient Near East
  • Ceramic Analysis, Ceramic Petrography, and the Application of Materials Science in Archaeology
  • Islamic archaeology
  • Landscape Archaeology