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Emeritus Prof David Flower

Emeritus Professor


AffiliationRoom numberTelephone
Emeritus Professor in the Department of Physics306a+44 (0) 191 33 43625
Member of Quantum Light and Matter  


Research Interests

David's research interests include various aspects of the physics and chemistry of the interstellar medium, particularly the processes occurring in regions of star formation. The impact of protostellar jets on the surrounding molecular material leads to the production of shock waves, which heat and compress and the gas. This gas cools by radiating in atomic and molecular spectral lines that are observed at mm and infra-red wavelengths, both from the ground and by means of satellites. David also calculates some of the basic molecular data that are required to interpret these observations, specifically rate coefficients for the excitation of interstellar atoms and molecules by the most abundant interstellar species (atomic and molecular hydrogen and helium).

Research interests

  • atomic theory
  • interstellar physics

Research groups

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Authored book

Book review

  • Flower, D. (1984). Book-Review - Planetary Nebulae - I.A.U. SYMP.103 - London - 1982AUG. Mercury 13: 93-.

Conference Paper

  • Flower, D.R. (2000), H2 in Space, 1: 24th IAU General Assembly, Joint Discussion 1. Manchester, England.

Journal Article