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Mrs Delphine Peace

Research Assistant

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Research Assistant in the Department of Sociology  


I joined the Contextual Safeguarding research programme in 2018. At Durham, I work on the ‘Contextual Safeguarding Across Borders’ project as part of a study exploring the applicability of Contextual Safeguarding in Europe to safeguard asylum seeking and refugee children from extra-familial harm. Some of my time is also spent managing and creating content for the Contextual Safeguarding Network. I also work at the Safer Young Lives Research Centre at the University of Bedfordshire, which I joined in 2017, where I am currently a Research Fellow on the ESRC-funded ‘Innovate Project’, exploring innovation processes in children social care and the voluntary sector to address extra-familial risks experienced by adolescents. 


My research looks at alternative approaches to safeguarding adolescents from extra-familial harm in the UK and internationally, exploring the roles of statutory agencies, voluntary, and community organisations, and approaches to strengthening synergies between them. I am interested in the social and structural conditions of harm experienced by young people and in building on the knowledge and strengths of young people and communities to inform change. 


In my previous role at the Safer Young Lives Research Centre, I have worked on a number of research studies that used embedded action research and participatory methods to understand how contextual approaches are applied across children’s social care services and wider safeguarding partnerships. I have also worked on various studies exploring the participation of children and young people with lived experiences of sexual violence in advocacy, practice, and research internationally. Prior to joining the Safer Young Lives Research Centre I was part of The Children's Society Safeguarding and Quality Practice team.