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Research Student in the School of Education 

Research interests

  • Drama and theatre education, childhood and early years education, arts-based learning, creative learning, gender performance and education

Esteem Indicators

  • 2000: Conferences: ‘Building a Bridge: Drama in Education as Approach for Young Children to Explore Chinese Shadow Puppetry,’ The 13th Conference of Drama and Theatre for Children and Youth. Open University, Subotica, Serbia, September 2022.

    ‘How Drama Could Facilitate Children to Explore Gender Stereotypes,’ The Children, Youth and Performance Conference. Online, June 2022.

    ‘The Application of Drama into Early Years Education,’ British Education Studies Association (BESA) Conference 2022, Online, June 2022.

    ‘To Make the ‘Elephant’ Visible: Introducing Gender Education into the Chinese Early Years Classrooms,’ BNU-Durham-Monash Conference, Online, May 2022.

    ‘Behind the ‘Masks’: Approaching the Complexity of Hidden Emotions through Drama,’ BNU-Durham-Monash Conference, Online, February 2021.

    ‘Integrating Folk Handicraft into Kindergarten to Promote Children’s Creativity’. The OMEP Asia Pacific Regional Conference, Hong Kong Baptist University, Hong Kong, May 2017.

  • 2000: Publications: Wang, D. (2021). ‘Child-Centredness in China: How Might Dewey’s Legacy Safeguard Democracy Today?’, Dewey Studies, Vol. 5, No. 2, pp. 612-634.

    Wang, D. (2021). ‘Book Review: Soft Skills in Education: Putting the Evidence in Perspective’, British Journal of Educational Studies, Vol. 69, No. 3, pp. 387-389.

    Wang, D. (2019). ‘Action Research for the Integration of Folk Handicraft into the Kindergarten Curriculum’, in T. Chemi, L. Wang, & X. Du (Ed.), Arts-Based Education: China and Its Intersection with the World (pp. 116-141). Leiden/Boston: Brill.