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Don O'Meara

Member of the Department of Archaeology



I undertook my BA and MA at University College Cork (2003-2007) before working in the UK commercial archaeology sector, primarily as an archaeobotanist, since 2008. I am also editor of Archaeologia Aeliana; the journal of the Society of Antiquaries of Newcastle-upon-Tyne.


I am undertaking research on the environmental archaeology work (specifically the archaeobotanical work) of the Carlisle Archaeological Unit from 1977-2002; including reassessment of previous work and new analysis of unprocessed soil samples previously stored at Tullie House Museum. This research primarily looks at charred plant macrofossils (seeds, cereal grains and charcoal).

My research focuses on the creation of the archaeobotanical record, particularly the natural, archaeological and contemporary factors which work to preserve or destroy this record. I am also interested in proceedures and standards of archaeobotanical work on a broader national scale.