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Dr Duncan Stibbard Hawkes

Assistant Professor (Research)


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Assistant Professor (Research) in the Department of Anthropology  


Research Profile

I am an evolutionary anthropologist and human behavioural ecologist, interested in food sharing, the use and abuse of signalling theory and hunter-gatherer egalitarianism. I conduct fieldwork with the Hadza, a population in northern Tanzania who have traditionally subsisted through hunting and gathering.

I previously worked at Durham as a teaching fellow. I am currently an assistant professor in the department, working on the 'Culture of Schooling' project in collaberation with Dr Coren Apicella (UPenn). The project will investigate the impacts of Hadza engagemement with formal education.

More information about my research interests and my work can be found in this interview.

Short Biography
  • 2020-Present: Assistant Professorship (Research), Durham University
  • 2019-2020: Honourary Fellowship, Durham University
  • 2017-2019: Teaching Fellowship, Durham University
  • 2012-2017: PhD in Evolutionary Anthropology, University of Cambridge, supervised by Frank Marlowe and Robert Attenborough
  • 2008-2011: BA/MA in Archaeology and Anthropology, University of Cambridge

Research interests

  • Forager Egalitarianism
  • Signalling Theory
  • Food Sharing
  • Hunter Gatherer Subsistence Ecology
  • Hunting Skill


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