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Eva Corchado

PhD Research

PhD Research in the School of Modern Languages and Cultures 


Project title

Translation as a Process of Creation: Cultural Otherness in the Poetry of the Generation of 1927

Project description

I am focusing my research on the nature of translation as a process by which a cultural "other" becomes a part of our own culture, or vice versa. How does translation influence the literary culture of a particular community or nation? Why are certain texts translated and not others? These questions will be posed in relation to the translations into English of the poets of the Generation of 1927. I believe their generation is particularly interesting, as a number of the poets were translators themselves. The project will therefore consider translation in the generation in both directions: the poets as translators, how what they translated influenced their poetry, and which texts were translated and why.

Fellowships , honours, scholarships or awards

Wolfson Postgraduate Scholarship in the Humanities

Research interests

  • Comparative literature
  • The Generation of 1927
  • The interaction between the arts: art, music, literature
  • The politics of translation
  • The translation of metaphors
  • Translation as the interaction of the other with our own
  • Translation strategies applied to the translation of poetry