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Mr Faustino Dardi

PhD Research


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PhD Research in the School of Modern Languages and Cultures  


Faustino Dardi holds a Bachelor of Arts in Translation and Interpreting (1:1), obtained in 2015 from the Higher School for Translation and Interpreting of Pisa (Scuola Superiore per Mediatori Linguistici di Pisa), where he pursued an international four-year research degree in English and Spanish. He carried on his studies with an international two-year Master of Arts in Translation and Linguistics (Distinction), obtained in 2017 from the University of Bologna. He spent two study and research periods in Spain on two European grants, the first at the University of Cordova in 2015 (9/10, Sobresaliente), and the second at the University of Alcalá in 2017 (9/10, Sobresaliente).

He is representative for PhD students in the School of Modern Languages and Cultures, as well as member of the School’s Staff/Student Consultative Committee (2019-present). He is co-responsible for the organisation of a series of reading groups and Work in Progress sessions covering multiple topics within the School of Modern Languages and Cultures.

He is also Teaching Assistant for ITAL2111 2A and ITAL3021 4 (Michaelmas term) and co-convenor of the Year Abroad Teaching Programme for Italian Studies (Michaelmas and Epiphany terms).

Current Research Topic and Interests

Funded by an Arts and Humanities Research Council's Northern Bridge scholarship, Faustino Dardi's research falls within the field of Translation Process Studies. His project explores the processing effort in translating metaphorically-used nouns, verbs and adjectives, as opposed to literal language translation, in the English-Italian pair. His multi-methodological approach involves eye-tracking, key-logging, retrospective interviews and questionnaires, thus combining both qualitative and quantitative data.

His interests include but are not limited to: Translation Theory, Process Translation Studies, Cognitive Psychology, metaphorical language comprehension and translation, behavioural patterns in translation, and metaphor translation stategies.

Grants and Awards

2020: UKRI Ph.D. Extension Scheme - fully funded extension of six months.

2020: Northern Bridge Placement Scheme - six-month placement as Language Tutor at the Centro Linguistico d'Ateneo of the University of Bologna.

2019: Northern Bridge Small Grant for speaking at the Summit in Machine Translation held in Dublin on 20th August 2019.

2019: Northern Bridge Large Grant for research at Kent State University, Ohio (US).

2018: AHRC Northern Bridge Doctoral Training Partnership Scholarship (tenable for three and a half years).

2017: LANSCO Award (top five second-year M.A. students out of 150).

2017: Full Erasmus+ Research and Study Grant.

2015: Full Erasmus+ Research and Study Grant.

2014: Best Third-Year Student (top one third-year B.A. student out of 60).

Past Teaching Experience

2019: Two-day research seminars (five, one hour each) aimed at first, second and third-year students enrolled in the BA in Translation and Intepreting at the Higher School for Translators and Interpreters of Pisa (SSML Pisa). It provided the students with a general overview of Translation Process Research from the origins of the branch to the most recent trends.

2016: Two-hour research seminar for second-year students, held at the Higher School for Translators and Interpreters of Pisa (SSML Pisa). It focused on the possibility of re-constructing and re-elaborating typical Italian contexts in the field of Etruscan Archaeology with the objective of re-targeting them for a specialised and semi-specialised anglophone audience. The contents were based on Faustino Dardi's then recent article;

2015: Two-hour research seminar for second-year students, held at the Higher School for Translators and Interpreters of Pisa (SSML Pisa). It focused on a number of linguistic aspects to be taken into account when re-addressing and re-targeting Italian publications in the field of Etruscan Archaeology. The contents were based on Faustino Dardi's final bachelor's dissertation.


Dardi, Faustino. 2019. "Correlating Metaphors to Behavioural Data: A CRITT TPR-DB-based Study." Proceedings of the Second MEMENTO workshop on Modelling Parameters of Cognitive Effort in Translation Production.

- Dardi, Faustino. 2017. "Experimental Research into Process-Oriented Translation Studies. Assessing Cognitive Effort in Translating Metaphor: A Case Study Based on TAPs." CoMe Theses II (Extended Abstract).

- Dardi, Faustino, Eleonora, Romanò. 2016. "Primary Use of the Technical Language of Archaeology and its Re-Adaptation for Anglophones: A Case Study." CoMe I (1): 45-59.

- Dardi Faustino. 2016. "Veii: A Study of Five Tombs from the Orientalising and Archaic Periods. A Proposal of Analysis for Anglophones." CoMe Theses I (Extended Abstract).

Faustino Dardi is currently working on publications regarding the first experimental phase(s) of his doctoral research.