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Dr Ferran Perez Mena

Assistant professor in IR of East Asia

Assistant professor in IR of East Asia in the School of Government and International Affairs



Ferran's research focuses on three main themes:

1) The global connections between Chinese and Western non-state actors and their impact on global politics.

2) The formation of non-Western transnational elite networks and their impact on global politics.

3) The relation between Chinese IR scholars, the Chinese state and the formation of normative views of world order. 

Ferran holds  a Ph.D. in International Relations from Sussex University. Ferran's research has appeared in the American Journal of Chinese Studies and International Politics.

Ferran's work has also appared in media outlets such as El PaisLa Vanguardia and Publico.

Research interests

  • Chinese international thought
  • Chinese think tanks and foundations
  • Cross-Strait Relations
  • East Asian Marxism
  • Global IR and Non-Western IR
  • Historical development of capitalism in East Asia
  • International Historical Sociology
  • Social movements in China, Taiwan and Hong Kong
  • Taiwan politics
  • Transnational Elite networks in East Asia
  • international relations in East Asia