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Miss Francesca Mesure

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Member of the Durham Law School  
MJur candidate in Durham CELLS (Centre for Ethics and Law in the Life Sciences)  


Francesca is currently studying towards a Master of Jurisprudence (Mjur) at Durham Law School. She graduated from Durham University in 2022, receiving an Upper Second-Class LLB Honours Degree in law.

Throughout her undergraduate degree Francesca maintained a keen interest in biolaw and ethics; her First Class undergraduate dissertation examined the potential impact that Artificial Placentas may have on the viability threshold. She is excited to develop her research into biolaw and ethics at Postgraduate level.

Francesca is a member of two research groups at Durham University: Durham centre for Ethics in Law and Life Sciences (CELLS) and Gender and Law at Durham (GLAD).

Current Research

Supervised by Dr (Elizabeth) Chloe Romanis and Dr Camilla Pickles, Francesca’s MJur thesis is entitled ‘De-gendering Reproduction – the final impetus for Decriminalising Abortion’.

This research examines whether developing technologies, such as Artificial Placentas and Uterine Transplants have the ability to de-gender the process of reproduction. Francesca will assess whether it is possible to alleviate the burden of reproductive labour that is currently placed on women and make gestation more accessible. Her research will then detail the potential impact that separating gender from the reproductive process would have on both abortion legislation and societal perceptions of abortion.

Overall, Francesca’s research seeks to determine whether technological developments may de-gender the process of reproduction, and whether de-gendering reproduction could be the final impetus for decriminalising abortion.

Francesca will be engaging with and writing speculative literature, meaning that she will consider the potential impact that developing technologies may have on society and the law. This type of literature is essential to inform the introduction of developing technologies into society.


Dr (Elizabeth) Chloe Romanis (Primary)

Dr Camilla Pickles (Secondary