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Dr Gordon C.K. Cheung

Associate Professor in International Relations of China

MSc (Bristol), PhD (Chinese University of Hong Kong), FHEA

AffiliationRoom numberTelephone
Associate Professor in International Relations of China in the School of Government and International AffairsIM207, Al-Qasimi Building+44 (0) 191 33 45682
Director in the Centre for Contemporary Chinese Studies  


Gordon Cheung began his teaching at Durham University in 2002. He is currently an Associate Professor and Director of the Centre for Contemporary Chinese Studies in the School of Government & International Affairs. He has been editing the journal East Asia: An International Quarterly (Springer) since 2004. (now in Emerging Sources Citation Index, ESCI) He previously taught/carried out research at the Academia Sinica, the Chinese University of Hong Kong, University of Hawaii, University of Hong Kong, Lingnan University, National University of Singapore, Oxford University, Renmin University, Tsinghua University, University of Tubingen and World Intellectual Property Organization.

His research focuses on China and the global political economy, Chinese business networks and the political economy of Chinese food. On China and the global political economy, for example, the research of the intellectual property rights in China examines the politics of trade, counterfeiting and protection of IPR in China. Research results were published in book form, academic articles and also in policy papers informing governments and decision-makers. The project was also benefitted from research carried out in the World Intellectual Property Organization in Geneva and Renmin University in China as well as two visiting fellowships in the East Asian Institute at the National University of Singapore. 

On Chinese business networks, the project on Taiwanese business (Taishang) and cross strait relations was benefitted from the research grant of the British Academy/Academia Sinica programme and Chiang Ching-kuo Foundation for International Scholarly Exchange. The research results of the project were published in book form (including translation from English into Chinese) and leading journal papers. 

On the political economy of Chinese food, he has been working on shark fin business and the Chinese food enterprises in the UK. The research funding for shark fin project was benefitted from Lingnan University Research Grants. The research team members of both projects involve the Chinese University of Hong Kong and the University of Malaya. Major findings of these two projects were published in leading academic journals.

Within the School, he has been Admission Tutor (2006-11), IR/IPE Cluster Seminar Convener (2008-09), Conference and Event Coordinator (2011-12); Deputy Director of Research (2012-15) and Chair of Ethics and Risk Committee (2014-17). He was Director of Undergraduate Education (2018-19) and Director of Teaching and Learning (2018-19).

Beyond Durham, he was appointed as the Academic Advisory Board member of the Center for Chinese Entrepreneur Studies at Tsinghua University (2014-now). He served as the Advisory Board Member of the European Research Centre on Contemporary Taiwan (ERCCT) at the University of Tubingen (2008-now). He was appointed as Non-Panel Reviewer of the Public Policy Research (PPR) Funding Scheme of the Central Policy Unit (CPU) of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) Government (2014-now). He has been serving as the Editorial Board Member of Global Studies Journal in Hong Kong (2012-now). He was the External Examiner of the School of Contemporary Chinese Studies at Nottingham University for the UG and MA programmes in UK and Ningbo campuses, and has been external examiner for PhDs at Cambridge University, Essex University, Glasgow University, Oxford University, and the University of Western Australia. He previously served as Rapporteur for the Economic & Social Research Council (ESRC), UK. He also served as the Secretary of the Overseas Chinese Studies Foundation in Hong Kong. 

With media, he was interviewed by Al-Jazeera, Asia Plus, Associated Press Television, ATV, BBC, Cable TV, Channel NewsAsia, China Daily (Hong Kong), Chinese Television Network, Danish Information Daily, Europe’s World, HKCB, Hong Kong Economic Journal, Hong Kong Standard, Ming Pao, Monocle 24, Newsweek, Nomura Research Institute (Hong Kong), Phoenix Hong Kong Channel, Pravda, Reuters (Hong Kong), RTHK, Scientias, The Asian Wall Street Journal (Hong Kong), The People's Daily (Hong Kong), Time (Hong Kong), TVB, UKChinese Journal, United Daily News (Hong Kong), Yazhou Zhoukan, etc.

Research interests

  • China-US relations
  • China-Taiwan relations
  • Hong Kong-China relations
  • Chinese international political economy
  • Chinese business and development
  • Chinese diaspora

Research groups

  • Contemporary Chinese Studies
  • Nations, Nationalisms and Diasporas

Esteem Indicators

Media Contacts

Available for media contact about:

  • Regional politics: He is an expert in Greater China political economy(China, Hong Kong and Taiwan). He is also specialised on Chinese diaspora and business relations.


Authored book

  • Cheung, Gordon C. K. (2018). China in the Global Political Economy: From Developmental to Entrepreneurial. Cheltenham: Edward Elgar.
  • Cheung, Gordon C. K. (2018). Market Liberalism: American Foreign Policy toward China (paperback). Abingdon: Routledge.
  • Cheung, Gordon C. K. (2017). China Factors: Political Perspectives & Economic Interactions (paperback). Abingdon: Routledge.
  • Cheung, Gordon C.K. (2009). Intellectual Property Rights in China: Politics of Piracy, Trade and Protection. London: Routledge.
  • Cheung, Gordon C.K. (2009). Zhongguo yinsu: dazhonghuaquan de jihui yu tiaozhan (China Factors: Political Perspectives and Economic Interactions) (Chinese translation). Taipei: Wunan.
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  • Cheung, Gordon C. K. (1998). Market Liberalism: American Foreign Policy toward China. New Brunswick, N. J.: Transaction Publishers.

Book review

Chapter in book

  • Cheung, Gordon C. K. (2021). 'High Hanging Fruit and the Belt and Road Initiative: Sustainability Through Entrepreneurship'. In Green Finance, Sustainable Development, and the Belt and Road Initiative. Cheung, Fanny M. and & Ying-yi Hong, eds. London: Routledge. 261-284.
  • Cheung, Gordon C. K. (2015). 'Social Science Infrastructure: Eastern Asia and Pacific (Social Science Academies and Related Organizations)'. In International Encyclopedia of the Social & Behavioral Sciences (Second Edition). James D. Wright (editor-in-chief) Oxford: Elsevier. 22: 637-642.
  • Cheung, Gordon C. K. (2015). ‘Er ci dazhan qian taigu yanghang zai zhongguo de duice gonglue’ (The Strategy and Policy of John Swire Co. in China before 1945). In Weiji guantou jiazu qiye de yingdui zhi dao (Facing the Crisis: Ways and Resolution of Family Businesses). Ed. by Zheng, Victor and & Chow, M. K. Hong Kong: Chung Hwa Books Co. 173-191.
  • Cheung, Gordon C. K. (2015). Let The Hundred Businesses Donate (bai shang qi juan): The New Chinese Ways of Philanthropy, Traditional Values and the US Model. In China's Many Dreams: Comparative Perspectives on China's Search for National Rejuvenation. Kerr, David Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan. 132-155.
  • Cheung, Gordon C. K. (2013). 'Jiazu qiye yu funu: Guoji zhengzhi jingji xue de shiye' (Family Business and Women: New Perspective from International Political Economy)'. In Caide zhijian: Huaren jiazou qiye yu funu (Between Leadership and Ethics: Chinese Family Business and Women). Ed. by Leung, Christopher and & Zheng, Victor. Hong Kong: Chung Hwa Books Co. 234-247.
  • Cheung, Gordon C.K. (2011). 'The Significance of the Overseas Chinese in East Asia.'. In Routledge Handbook of Asian Regionalism. Beeson, Mark, Stubbs, Richard & eds. London: Routledge.
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  • Cheung, Gordon C.K. & Luk Feyun (2003). ‘Chaoyue guojia di xuni minzu,’ (Beyond Nation-state: Virtual Nation). In Dongmeng riben yu zhongguoren (ASEAN, Japan and Chinese). Lim Hua Sing, Nyaw Mee-kau & eds. Singapore: World Scientific. 593-616.

Edited Journal

  • Ren, Xiao and & Cheung, Gordon C. K. (2011). 'Sources and Transitions of Chinese Foreign Policy' (Special Issue), with An Introduction. East Asia: An International Quarterly, 28 (3).
  • Cheung, Gordon C. K. (2009). 'Made in China vs. Made by Chinese: Global Identities of Chinese Business' (Special Issue), with An Introduction. Journal of Contemporary China, 18 (58).
  • Cheung, Gordon C. K. (2004). 'Greater China and Regional Governance: Problems and Prospects' (Special Issue), with An Introduction. East Asia: An International Quarterly, 21 (1).

Journal Article

Other (Digital/Visual Media)

  • Cheung, Gordon C. K. (2018). The US could learn to like China’s new IP strategy. East Asia Forum.
  • Cheung, Gordon C. K. (2018). China’s new global economic footprints keep testing the belief in the role between the market and the state. ElgarBlog.


  • Cheung, Gordon C. K. (2012). ‘China’s New Endeavour to Protect Intellectual Property Rights.’ EAI Background Brief No. 752, 6 September 2012. Singapore: National University of Singapore.
  • Cheung, Gordon C.K. (2006). 'China's Intellectual Property Rights Protection after WTO - What has been the Progress?'EAI Background Brief No. 280. 12 April 2006. Singapore: National University of Singapore.

Working Paper

  • Cheung, Gordon C.K. (2006). 'Identity: In Searching the Meaning of Chineseness in Greater China'. Copenhagen Discussion Paper 10 (May 2006) 1-30.

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