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Dr Giulia Bonasio

Assistant Professor

Assistant Professor in the Department of Classics and Ancient History


Giulia Bonasio is Assistant Professor in Ancient Philosophy. Dr Bonasio’s research focuses on Aristotle’s ethics, in particular on the Eudemian Ethics. She has research interests in ancient ethics and epistemology, as well as in moral psychology. She is also interested in contemporary debates inspired by ancient philosophy for example in virtue ethics. In addition to ancient philosophy, she has interests in ancient Greek literature, in particular in lyric poetry, tragedy, and in the history of emotions.

Based on the most recent Greek edition of the text, Dr Bonasio's book The Unity of the Virtues in the Eudemian Ethics (forthcoming, Oxford University Press) approaches the EE as a treatise in its own right and shows that understanding the philosophical proposal of the EE is fundamental for a full picture of Aristotle’s ethics. In her book, she develops a new approach to the unity of the virtues and to the interactions among the virtues.

In Fall 2022, Dr Bonasio has been Guest Professor at the Zentrum Altertumswissenschaften of the University of Zürich and Senior Fellow of the Collegium Helveticum. 

Before coming to Durham, Dr Bonasio was a Faculty Fellow at the University of King’s College in Halifax (Canada) where she taught in the Foundation Year Program. She was also affiliated with the Department of Classics at Dalhousie University.

She was educated in Italy, where she completed a BA and a MA in Philosophy at the University of Padova. She received a MA, a MPhil and a PhD in Classical Studies/Ancient Philosophy from Columbia University. 

Dr Bonasio is currently editing a book on Perspectives on Wisdom that includes contributions in ancient Greek and Roman philosophy, Islamic, Buddhist, Old Chinese, and Indian philosophy, as well as neuroscience (under contract with De Gruyter).

Doctoral Supervision

Dr Bonasio is happy to supervise doctoral dissertation in ancient Greek and Roman philosophy, in particular on Aristotle.

School Talks and Outreach

Dr Bonasio would be happy to give talks on ancient philosophy, as well as on topics and contemporary debates that relate to ancient philosophy.


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