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Hailin Yi

Invigilator (Casual)

Invigilator (Casual) in the Department of Archaeology


B.A. Xiamen University, Department of History. 2012-2016

(Exchange in Shandong University, Department of Archaeology. 2013-2014)

M.Res. Shandong University, Department of Archaeology. 2016-2019

Ph.D candidate Durham University, Department of Archaeology. 2019 till now

  • 2018 (June) 8th Society for East Asian Archaeology (SEAA8), Nanjing, China. Presented a poster titiled ''Zooarchaeology Research of Shalongka Site''.
  • 2018 (Sep.) 13th International Council for Archaeozoology (ICAZ13), Ankara, Turkey. Oral presentation titled ''An Investigation into the Prehistoric Subsistence and Sacrifice Customs in Huai River Basin: A Case Study from Jinzhai Site, Anhui province,China''.
  • 2018 (Sep.) ''From Dawenkou to Chengziya''——International Academic Conference of Lower Yellow River Area in Late Neolithic Age, Zhangqiu, China. Oral presentation titled ''Zooarchaeology Analysis of Jinzhai Site''.
  • 2018 (Oct.) 2nd China Archaeological Congress, Chengdu, China. Oral presentation titled ''How to infer settlement level by zooarchaeological evidence''.
  • 2021 (Jul.) 11th Chinese Zooarchaeological Seminar, Qingdao, China. Oral presentstion titled ''Affluent foragers——animal exploitation in Kaizhguang''
  • 2022 (Aug.) History and Practice of Archaeology in the Chinese Cultural Sphere, Oxford University, UK. Oral presentation titled "Themes, methods, and trends of Pre-Qin archaeology in the new millennium --A bibliometric analysis of corresponding dissertations/theses in mainland China (2000-2019)"
Research topic

My doctoral dissertation focuses on the faunal remains excavated in the last century from the Capital City of Zheng and Han State site, Henan province, China. Through traditional zooarchaeological methods and isotope analysis, I will try to exlpore the exploitation of animal resources (subsistence), feating ritual, strategies of animal breeding and management, and their relationship with urban layout within a well-planed Bronze Age city site in China. Among them, feast will the highlight of my research.

Research interests

  • Bioarchaeology
  • Chinese archaeology
  • Feast
  • Isotopic analysis
  • Zooarchaeology