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Dr Ian S. Evans

Emeritus Reader

MA Geography Cambridge; MS Geology Yale; PhD Geography Cambridge

AffiliationRoom numberTelephone
Emeritus Reader of Department of Geography +44 (0)1740 653705
Emeritus Reader of Hazards and Surface Change  
Emeritus Reader of Sea Level, Ice and Climate  


Geomorphometry and mountain glaciation. Developing fundamental principles of general and specific geomorphometry (the analysis of land surface form), especially for altitude, slope and curvature values, their relationships, and scale dependence or fractal properties.

Applying these approaches to the morphology of glaciated landforms in mountainous regions, and to slopes in general, especially with use of Digital Terrain Models. Analysing and developing models for the distribution of glaciers and glacial cirques. Surveys of cirques and glaciers in British Columbia, Britain, the Alps and Scandinavia. Cirque shape and size, allometric and diverse development. Data analysis, especially directional and spatial data, and analytical thematic cartography.

Teaching interest include: Geomorphology, Glaciation & Cold Environments; Mountain Glaciation; Data analysis (level 2 & MSc in SIT); Cartography & graphics; and DEMs & Glaciation, for GeoEnv MSc.

Research Projects

  • Geomorphometry from Digital Elevation Models
  • Cirque glaciation of Wales, Northern England, Southern & Western Scotland
  • Glacier distribution and change in SW British Columbia
  • Cirque development in SW British Columbia
  • Predictive models for glacier distribution
  • Measuring asymmetry of glaciation due to climate
Full Publication List

Research interests

  • geomorphometry, especially of glaciated landforms
  • glacier and cirque distribution of glaciated mountains

Research groups


Authored book

  • E. Howarth, G. De Boer, I.S. Evans, H. Osmaston, W. Pennington, A. Smith, P. Storey & B. Ware (2003). Tarns of the Central English Lake District: depth surveys and the environmental context. Ambleside, Cumbria. Brathay Exploration Group Trust.

Chapter in book

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Conference Proceeding

  • K.E. Arrell & I.S. Evans (2003). Predicting Glacier Distributions: Local Climate Predictions. Proceedings, 60th Eastern Snow Conference, Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada.
  • C.J. McClean & I.S. Evans (2001). Non-fractal behaviour in real land surfaces. GISRUK 2001, University of Glamorgan, Wales.
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Edited book

  • Evans, I. S., Dikau, R., Tokunaga, E., Ohmori, H. & Hirano, M. (2003). Concepts and modelling in Geomorphology: International Perspectives. Terrapub.

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