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Dr Imre Lahdelma

Lecturer in Music Psychology

Lecturer in Music Psychology in the Department of Music


Imre Lahdelma is a post-doctoral researcher. He obtained his PhD degree in musicology from the University of Jyväskylä, Finland, in 2017. Imre’s doctoral work examined the perception of single chords (i.e., chords without a musical or tonal context) in terms of conveyed emotions and their psychoacoustic qualities. During his doctoral work he did research visits to the UK (Durham University) and the US where he held a Fulbright pre-doctoral fellowship at the University of Washington, collaborating with the UW Laboratory for Music Cognition, Culture & Learning. 

Imre’s current research focuses on the perception of consonance and dissonance from a cross-cultural perspective. His research is situated in the multidisciplinary field of music psychology and draws from methods of experimental psychology, psychoacoustics, and ethnomusicology. Imre’s current research aims to cast light on the questions of how and to what extent culture affects the way we perceive consonance and dissonance. 

For further information on Imre’s research publications, go to ResearchGate.


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