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James Page

Honorary Research Fellow

Honorary Research Fellow in the School of Government and International Affairs



He has expertise and experience in the fields of diplomacy and international relations, as well as in policy, research, analysis, and management.

In July 2015, Mr Page came up to the University of Durham to undertake a Senior Research Fellowship (co-fund policy and enterprise) at the Institute of Advanced Study (IAS) and the School of Government and International Affairs (SGIA). In July 2016, he was appointed as an Honorary Fellow.

Prior to arriving in Durham, Mr Page was a Political Affairs Officer at the United Nations Assistance Mission Afghanistan (UNAMA). He joined UNAMA in the spring of 2009, serving in Kabul (Headquarters) serving as Special Assistant to the Director of the Political Affairs Division. Latterly, and until his departure from the Mission at the end of June 2015, he was lead for the Security Sector Reform, Transition and Transformation portfolio (political) in the Mission. His engagement spanned various issues, including: political outreach and reconciliation; conflict analysis and mediation; Afghan National Security and Defence Force development, capacity building and funding; Ministry of Interior and policing; civil-military cooperation and coordination; national and sub-national political and security assessment; economic analysis and political economy; and, internal and external policy advice. 

Research interests

  • Policy and political engagement between nation states
  • International organisations, and also conflict areas
  • Political dynamics of war and conflict
  • Interventions, (counter-)insurgency and (counter-) terrorism
  • Drones; peace efforts, peacebuilding, and diplomacy
  • Institutions and institution building/development
  • Afghanistan (and the related region)
  • The Middle East and South and Southeast Asia