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Janice Oakes

Learning & Teaching Manager

Learning & Teaching Manager in the Department of Earth Sciences+44 (0) 191 33 42310


Janice Oakes has been the Departmental Administrator for the Department of Earth Sciences since 1999 having previously supported the administrator in the School of Biological Sciences for 5 years. Janice is responsible for the effective management of the teaching administrative team, overseeing all departmental and university teaching processes. Janice works closely with the Director of Undergraduate Studies, and Chairs of the Education Committees, Chair of the Board of Examiners and administrative staff. Janice is also the departmental Diversity Representative and provides pastoral support and advice to students at all levels.

Janice is secretary to the Departmental Education Committees both Undergraduate and Postgraduate, Staff/Student Liaison Committees and the Board of Examiners as well as sitting on other department committees such as Board of Studies.