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Professor Jeff Warburton


Professor in the Department of Geography+44 (0) 191 33 41952


My research is concerned primarily with fluvial geomorphology, sediment budgets, shallow landslides, mountain sediment systems and geocryology. Work is in progress on sediment transfer processes in upland and mountain streams in northern England. This research is closely allied to investigations of upland peat erosion. Particular emphasis is placed on the transport of peat blocks, mass movements and wind erosion of bare peat. Interest in peat mass movemnts is part of a wider interet in shallow landslides in upland areas. Current investigations into geocryology are focussed on characterising upland frost climates and process monitoring of active frost-sorted patterned ground. I have a continued interest in hydraulic modelling of braided gravel-bed rivers and geomorphological laboratory experiments. As part of a more general interest in sediment transfer and the geomorphology of coarse-bed mountain streams and upland bedrock rivers. I am involved in several longer-term projects in Colorado and New Zealand. I have served on the Executive Committee of the British Geomorphological Research Group and together with Dave Higgitt I was Joint-Chair of the BGRG Working Group on Upland Sediment Budgets. In 2000 I was made a Millennium fellow for my work on 'Understanding the Landscape of the North Pennines'.

Research interests

  • experimental geomorphology
  • geocryology
  • geomorphology of braided rivers and mountain streams
  • mountain sediment systems


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