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Dr Jia Wang

Assistant Professor

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Assistant Professor in the Durham Law School  


Dr Angelia Jia WANG is an Assistant Professor at the Law School, Durham University. Prior to joining Durham Law School, she was a Teaching Fellow at Faculty of Business, Hong Kong Polytechnic University. She has been a Research Fellow at the Berkman Center for Internet and Society (now the Berkman Klein Centre), Harvard University and a Research Fellow at Law School, Singapore Management University. Her research interests lie in the areas of intellectual property law, law and technology and corporate law. She publishes with European Intellectual Property Review, Hong Kong Law Journal, European Review of Private Law and a monograph with Springer.

Research interests

  • Intellectual property law
  • E-commerce law
  • Law and technology

Research groups

  • Centre for Chinese Law and Policy
  • Institute of Commercial and Corporate Law


Authored book

  • Wang, J (2018). Conceptualizing Copyright Exceptions in China and South Africa: A Developing View from the Developing Countries. Springer International Publishing.

Chapter in book

  • Wang, Jia & Chen, Lei (2019). Regulating Smart Contracts and Digital Platforms. In The Cambridge Handbook of Smart Contracts, Blockchain Technology and Digital Platforms. 183-210.
  • Chen, L, Michalek, A & Wang, J (2019). The Norm of Property’s Social Function: A Chinese Perspective. In Léon Duguit and the Social Obligation Norm of Property. Babie, Paul & Viven-Wilksch, Jessica Springer. 331-354.
  • Wang, J (2018). The Right to Privacy in the Internet Age: The Chinese Perspective. In The Legal Protection of Personality Rights. Oliphant, K, Pinghua, Z & Chen, L Brill. 164-183.
  • Wang, J (2017). Jurisdiction of the Court over Disputes involving Patent Holders without Domicile in China. In Annotated Leading Patent Cases in Major Asian Jurisdictions. Liu, Kung-Chung City University of Hong Kong Press.

Journal Article

  • Wang, J. & Chen, L. (2018). Will Innovative Technology Result in Innovative Legal Frameworks? – Smart Contracts in China. European Review of Private Law 26(6): 921-942.
  • Wang, J & Zhang, Z (2017). Better Investor Protection and More Operational Flexibility: Singapore’s Latest Reforms to Strengthen its REIT Market. Company Lawyer 38(4): 130-136.
  • Wang, J (2015). Toward a more balanced safe harbour protection system for internet service providers in China. Hong Kong Law Journal 45(3): 851-879.
  • Wang, J (2010). Should China Adopt an Extended Licensing System to Facilitate Collective Copyright Administration: Preliminary Thoughts. European Intellectual Property Review 32(6): 283-289.
  • Wang, J (2008). Anti-circumvention Rules in the Information Network Environment in the US, UK and China: A Comparative Study. Journal of International Commercial Law and Technology (3): 55-67.

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