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Dr Jingyun Wang

Assistant Professor

AffiliationRoom numberTelephone
Assistant Professor in the Department of Computer ScienceMCS 1031 


Before joining Durham University, Jingyun Wang was an Assistant Professor (2014-2020) at the Research Institute for Information Technology, Kyushu University, Japan. Her current research focuses on ontology, visualization learning support systems, meaningful learning environments, personalized language learning support systems, game-based learning, computational thinking education, data science, and educational big data and learning analytics. Her main contribution involves the integration of the traditional education methodologies with ontological techniques.

Research interests

  • Knowledge representation
  • Educational big data and learning analytics
  • Computational thinking education
  • Visualization learning support system
  • Game-based learning
  • Ontology technique


Chapter in book

Conference Paper

Conference Proceeding

  • (2019). E-book learner behaviors difference under two meaningful learning support environments. the 27th International Conference on Computers in Education(ICCE 2019), Taiwan.

Journal Article

  • Wang, Jingyun, Hwang, Gwo-Haur & Chang, Ching-Yi (2021). Directions of the 100 most cited chatbot-related human behavior research: A review of academic publications. Computers and Education: Artificial Intelligence 2: 100023.
  • Wang, Jingyun, Shimada, Atsushi, Oi, Misato, Ogata, Hiroaki & Tabata, Yoshiyuki (2020). Development and evaluation of a visualization system to support meaningful e-book learning. Interactive Learning Environments 1-18.
  • Jingyun, Wang & Kentaro, Kojima (2019). Exploring heterogeneous grouping strategies from the learning analytic perspective. International Journal of Learning Technologies and Learning Environments 2(2): 21-34.
  • Wang, Jingyun, Mendori, Takahiko & Hoel, Tore (2018). Strategies for Multimedia Learning Object Recommendation in a Language Learning Support System: Verbal Learners Vs. Visual Learners. International Journal of Human–Computer Interaction 35(4-5): 345.
  • Wang, Jingyun, Ogata, Hiroaki & Shimada, Atsushi (2016). A Knowledge Comparison Environment for Supporting Meaningful Learning of E-Book Users. Systems 4(2): 21.
  • Wang, Jingyun & Mendori, Takahiko (2015). The Reliability and Validity of Felder- Silverman Index of Learning Styles in Mandarin Version. Information Engineering Express 1(3): 1-8.
  • Wang, Jingyun, Mendori, Takahiko & Xiong, Juan (2014). A language learning support system using course-centered ontology and its evaluation. Computers & Education 78: 278.
  • Wang, Jingyun, Mendori, Takahiko & Xiong, Juan (2013). A Customizable Language Learning Support System Using Ontology-Driven Engine. International Journal of Distance Education Technologies 11(4): 81-96.