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Professor in the Department of EngineeringE361 (Higginson)+44 (0) 191 33 42522


After obtaining his PhD studying transfer function methods for the determination of the dynamic properties of arch dams and working as a graduate civil engineer for Gibb, Jon Trevelyan joined the Computational Mechanics (CM) Group to work on the commercial software BEASY. This was the world-leader in engineering software based on the boundary element method. He stayed with CM for twelve years, seven of which were spent as Vice-President of CM, Inc. in Massachusetts. In 1996 he joined Durham University. From 2007-13 he was the Head of the Mechanics Research Group, and from 2013-17 he was Head of the School of Engineering and Computing Sciences.

Jon's research involves the use of the boundary element method (BEM) in various areas: enriched BEM algorithms for short wave propagation, enriched BEM algorithms for fracture mechanics, fast and interactive methods for stress analysis/re-analysis and topology optimisation. He also develops enriched finite element algorithms for transient radiation-conduction problems. A common feature of these works is to develop numerical methods, usually through enrichment of one kind or another, to address problems that would be inefficient, inaccurate or insoluble using conventional methods such as those built into commercial software.

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Research interests

  • enriched boundary elements for short wave propagation
  • enriched boundary elements for fracture mechanics
  • interactive stress analysis software development
  • boundary elements
  • enriched finite elements for transient diffusion problems
  • boundary elements and level sets for topology optimisation


Conference Paper

Conference Proceeding

  • Trevelyan, J. & Scales, D. J. (2006). Rapid re-analysis in BEM elastostatic calculations. BEM/MRM 28, Skiathos, Greece, WIT Press.
  • Wen, J. & Trevelyan, J. (2005). Tuning of parameters guiding B-spline based ESO optimisation with boundary elements. UKBIM 5, Liverpool, England, University of Liverpool.
  • Scales, D. J. & Trevelyan, J. (2005). Rapid re-analysis in 2D BEM elastostatic calculations. UKBIM 5, Liverpool, England, University of Liverpool.
  • Trevelyan, J., Scales, D. J., Morris, R. & Bird, G. E. (2004). Acceleration of boundary element computations in reanalysis of problems in elasticity. WCCM 6, Beijing, China, Tsinghua University Press.
  • Trevelyan, J., Perrey-Debain, E. & Bettess, P. (2004). Experiments in adaptive selection of plane wave basis directions for wave boundary elements. 18th Australasian Conference on Mechanics of Structures and Materials, Perth, Australia, Balkema.

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