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Dr Jordan Mullard

Lecturer in Sociology


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Lecturer in Sociology in the Department of Sociology  
Teaching Fellow in the Department of Anthropology  


Dr Jordan Mullard (she/her) is an interdisciplinary social scientist specialising in the qualitative study of intersectionality, identity, race, caste, and the social determinants of health and health inequality. Her PhD awarded by the London School of Economics in social anthropology explored social mobility and identity-making among Dalits in rural India during a period of economic crisis. She has been heavily involved in the decolonising of anthropology, has written on the subject for the JRAI, and has offered consultancy on decolonising and anti-racism to a range of stakeholders.


Her current research explores the intersections of inequality highlighted in the recent pandemic and its relationship to our understanding and treatment of Long Covid. She is also engaged in work that explores the concept of love, the family, and the intersections of identity (race & mixed race, class, gender, and sexuality) and impacts of identity work on health.


In addition to her academic research and teaching experience, Jordan has had an applied consultancy career in anti-racism, race equality, and Equality Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) learning, development and policy where she co-designed and led large scale race equality, cross-cultural knowledge, and EDI consultancy projects across private, public and not-for-profit sectors both nationally and internationally. She has also worked as a consultant for Black-Led community development initiatives and health and social care research at the local and national level.

Teaching Fellow in Anthropology of Health

Twitter: @JordanMullard

Linked In: Jordan-m-2hb8ab85

Current Teaching
  • Module Convenor for Level Three Decolonising Anthropology
  • Module Convenor for Level Three and PGT Health Inequalities
  • Module Designer for Anthropological Research Methods in Action: The Captain Cook’s Birthplace museum field trip.
  • Lecturer Global Health and Disease
Citizenship - Department Level
  • Decolonising Anthropology Working Group, Chair
  • Anthropology of Health Research Group
  • EDI Committee BAME representative
  • Ethics Committee member
  • Library Liaison representative

University Level
  • A lead advisor on the Race Equality Charter Self-Assessment Team, Durham University.
  • Wolfson Research Institute for Health and Wellbeing, internal steering group member
  • Centre for Social Justice and Community Action, Steering Group Member.
  • BAME Network member, Durham University.
  • Equal England Network member
  • North East Race Equality Forum member
  • Stamp it Out North East, Steering Group Member
  • Reviewer for Contemporary South Asia Journal
  • Peer Review (user) College member (on race and equality) Economic, Social Research Council, England (2008-2009).


Chapter in book

Journal Article

Other (Print)

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  • Mullard, Jordan.C.R. (2016). Employment support for disabled adults: An evidence scope. For Scope, on behalf of Research in Practice.
  • Mullard, Jordan.C.R. (2016). Enabling social care to thrive in an integrated environment, RiPfA, Leaders Briefing.
  • Mullard, Jordan.C.R. (2016). Best practice in transforming the customer journey: Supported self-assessments.
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  • Mullard, Jordan.C.R. (2010). Empowerment & participation in community planning and social enterprise development: An impact evaluation of the CLG Empowerment Fund on disadvantaged groups in the South West (delivery of the white paper Communities in Control: real people, real power), on behalf of the Black Development Agency.
  • Mullard, Jordan.C.R. (2007). The Business Case for Diversity, Revisited”. For Focus Consultancy Ltd.
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