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Jordan Fuentes Holden

Research Postgraduate – Fluid Mechanics Node

Research Postgraduate – Fluid Mechanics Node in the Department of Engineering


Jordan is a driven and motivated individual that is passionate about solving real life problems with knowledge and application. From an early age, Jordan has always had great care for the environment, and the climate crisis was one of his main motivators to become an engineer. One of his objectives it to find balances in how to synergise engineering with the environment that we live in. 

Jordan received a MEng (2018) in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Hull. He's final year project involved the design, manufacturing and testing of a microfluidic device capable of detoxyfying organic waste water pollutants via photocatalytic oxidation process. After graduating, he worked as a materials engineer in the polymer manufacturing industry. He's responsibilities were the development of novel elastomeric and composite materials for aerospace applications, laboratory management and leading the work towards accreditation of the ISO 17025 standard. He also volunteered and led in activities related to sustainability. One of he's key achievements was the replacement fluorescent tube lighting to LED lighting of the factory. In 2021, he returned to academia and joined the Aura Centre for Doctoral Training (CDT). There he completed a PG Dip (2022) in Offshore Wind Energy and the Environment. In 2022, he began pursuing a PhD in Offshore Wind at Durham University.

Jordan's PhD research involves the application of smart rotor blade technology for mitigating the effects of wind turbine wakes. He's objectives are to design and build a lab-scale demonstrator and test this in a wind tunnel environment. Here the flow field behind the wind turbine is to be examined using particle image velocimetry (PIV) as the shape of the blades are changed. It is hoped that the outcomes of this investigation will allow the development of a closed-loop system that reduces the effect of the wake on downstream wind turbines. 

Whilst completing his PhD, Jordan is also focusing on continuing his professional development, he is an active STEM Ambassador and is also pursuing chartership with the Institution of Mechanical Engineers (IMechE).