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Josh Melen

Member of the Durham Law School


Joshua is currently a PhD researcher at Durham University. He obtained his LLB at the University of York in 2021 and his LLM at BPP University London in 2022. While at BPP, Joshua also completed the Barrister Training Course and was Called to the Bar by The Honourable Society of the Middle Temple in November 2022. Alongside his research, Joshua works as a Justice's Legal Adviser in the Midlands and volunteers as a Parish Councillor. 

Joshua has previously written research projects focusing on commercial law at Undergraduate level, specifically in relation to international company law and hostile takeovers during the Global Financial Crisis of 2007. Joshua’s LLM thesis focused on the UK Government’s response to the COVID-19 property market crisis throughout 2020. 


Current Research

Joshua’s current research interests focus on property law and legal history. His PhD project seeks to chart the change in Britain’s relationship with cultural property overseas, as one of the most prominent colonial actors of the 19th Century to becoming a nation leading the global response against cultural artefact abuse. The project seeks to add to the field of legal history by considering the degree of institutional change during the ‘scramble for Africa’ and contrasting this by asking whether Britain has changed at all today. 

Joshua is also a Postgraudate Member of the Royal Historical Society.



Dr Henry Jones 

Mr Chris Bevan 

Research interests

  • International Law
  • Law and Society
  • Legal and Colonial History
  • Property Law