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Joshua Rhodes

British Academy Postdoctoral Fellow

British Academy Postdoctoral Fellow in the Department of History


I am a social and economic historian of Britain. I'm interested in long-run agrarian change from the early modern period to the nineteenth century. This stems from my PhD on eighteenth-century agriculture and is the focus of my current British Academy Postdoctoral Fellowship on 'The Agrarian Roots of Capitalism in England, c.1550-1850'.

I'm also interested in digitised historic census data, in particular linking people between censuses and geo-coding census data. Using nineteenth-century British census data, I have worked on the fate of the handloom weavers c. 1850 and the emergence of the bicycle industry in the 1880s-1900s. I have several publications in progress on these topics. These interests stem from my work as a Senior Research Associate at The Alan Turing Institute (London), where I worked for 2 years on the Living with Machines Project before joining Durham. Prior to this, I held research posts at the University of Cambridge (Economic History Society fellow in Campop) and at the University of Hull (Gender, Place and Memory research cluster). I completed my PhD at the University of Exeter in 2019.

Awards and Grants


  • British Academy Postdoctoral Fellowship (£303,138.30)


  • EHS Tawney Fellowship (c. £16,000)
  • Cambridge Humanities Research Grants Scheme (£19,997.63) co-written with Dr Chris Briggs
  • EHS Carnevali Small Research Grants Scheme (£1,495.60)


  • Economic and Social Research Council MRes & PhD studentship (c.£53,000)

Research interests

  • Agrarian change
  • Census
  • Early modern British History
  • Historical GIS
  • Nineteenth-century British History