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Julien Nappey

Member of the Durham Law School


Julien joined Durham Law School in October 2022 as a PhD candidate. He obtained his B.A. in International Relations and Security Studies from the University of Bradford. During his undergraduate studies, Julien spent 4 months in Georgia as a Research Intern at the Rondeli Foundation, conducting mixed-method research with respect to Georgia’s strategic importance for Russia and the West. He subsequently completed his M.A. in Legal and Political Theory at University College London. Prior to joining Durham, Julien worked for 2 years as a Senior Research Analyst at Chambers and Partners with a focus on covering the German legal market. He is fluent in English and German.

Current Research

Julien’s PhD focuses on the use of secrecy in preventive counter-terrorism measures in the UK and Germany. He is particularly interested in the way in which secrecy, in the form of Special Advocates and in-camera procedures, in preventive non-criminal proceedings is compatible with dignitary rights and autonomy of suspected terrorists. His PhD is supervised by Prof Helen Fenwick and Dr Jessie Blackbourn.