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Dr Jungnam Cho

Associate Professor

Associate Professor in the Department of Biosciences


I did my bachelor (2007) and PhD (2013) in Seoul National University and carried out post-doc study in Cambridge University. In 2018, I started my PI career as a group leader in the CAS-JIC Centre of Excellence for Plant and Microbial Sciences and moved to Durham University in 2023 as an Associate Professor.
The main research subject of my lab is transposable element (TE or transposon), a mobile DNA and better known as “jumping gene”. Unlike common belief that transposon is a dangerous or useless junk DNA, it has been a main source of genetic variability and potent driver of genome evolution. Plants serve as a fascinating model to study transposon as they carry massive amount of it in their genomes. Our research is primarily aimed at understanding its biological functions in plants and dissecting the regulatory mechanisms for its mobilization. To tackle this question, we use Arabidopsis and rice as models and apply multi-disciplinary approaches of genetics, biochemistry, molecular biology, and computational biology. Ultimately, our research will help re-gain crop genetic diversity and contribute to global food security.

Research Interests
  • Transposable element
  • Genome plasticity
  • Epigenetics
  • Epitranscriptomics
  • RNA secondary structure


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