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Dr Juraj Medzihorsky

DRMC Programme Lead for MDS (Social Analytics)

AffiliationRoom numberTelephone
DRMC Programme Lead for MDS (Social Analytics) in the Faculty of Social Sciences and Health  
Assistant Professor in Social Data Science in the School of Government and International AffairsSEH117, Southend House 


Journal Article

  • Lindberg, Staffan I. & Medzihorsky, Juraj (2020). Data for Politics: Creating an International Research Infrastructure Measuring Democracy. Patterns 1(4): 100056.
  • Popovic, Milos, Jenne, Erin K. & Medzihorsky, Juraj (2020). Charm Offensive or Offensive Charm? An Analysis of Russian and Chinese Cultural Institutes Abroad. Europe-Asia Studies 72(9): 1445.
  • Medzihorsky, Juraj (2019). Rethinking the D'Hondt method. Political Research Exchange 1(1): 1.
  • Coppedge, Michael, Gerring, John, Knutsen, Carl Henrik, Krusell, Joshua, Medzihorsky, Juraj, Pernes, Josefine, Skaaning, Svend-Erik, Stepanova, Natalia, Teorell, Jan, Tzelgov, Eitan, Wilson, Steven L. & Lindberg, Staffan I. (2019). The Methodology of “Varieties of Democracy” (V-Dem)1. Bulletin of Sociological Methodology/Bulletin de Méthodologie Sociologique 143(1): 107.
  • Medzihorsky, Juraj, Popovic, Milos & Jenne, Erin K. (2017). Rhetoric of civil conflict management: United Nations Security Council debates over the Syrian civil war. Research & Politics 4(2): 205316801770298.
  • Medzihorsky, Juraj (2015). Election Fraud: A Latent Class Framework for Digit-Based Tests. Political Analysis 23(4): 506.
  • Medzihorsky, Juraj, Littvay, Levente & Jenne, Erin K. (2014). Has the Tea Party Era Radicalized the Republican Party? Evidence from Text Analysis of the 2008 and 2012 Republican Primary Debates. PS: Political Science & Politics 47(04): 806.