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Dr Jurgen Schmoll

Senior Optical Engineer

Astronomer and Instrument Scientist

AffiliationRoom numberTelephone
Senior Optical Engineer in the Department of PhysicsNetPark+44 (0) 191 33 44810
Member of the Centre for Advanced Instrumentation  

Research interests

  • Visible light and NIR astronomical spectroscopy
  • Optical systems design
  • Integral Field spectroscopy
  • Cherenkov telescope design
  • Balloon borne astronomy

Research groups

Media Contacts

Available for media contact about:

  • Advanced Instrumentation:
  • Astronomy and Astrophysics:
  • Astronomy, The Universe ...:
  • Science: Education, industry & the community:


Conference Paper

  • Bharmal, Nazim A., Bramall, David, Calcines Rosario, Ariadna Z., Morris, Timothy J., Schmoll, Jürgen & Staykov, Lazar (2022), WIVERN: a laboratory experiment for testing novel laser-based wavefront sensing techniques, in Schreiber, Laura, Schmidt, Dirk & Vernet, Elise eds, Adaptive Optics Systems VIII. SPIE.
  • Becker, T., Roth, M.M. & Schmoll, J. (2000), 3-D Spectroscopy with Fibers: Extraction Methods and their Limitations (Poster), ASP Conf. Ser. 195: Imaging the Universe in Three Dimensions 195: 544-.
  • Roth, M. M., Altmann, W., Bauer, S.-M., Becker, T., Dionies, F., Fechner, T., Hahn, T., Laux, U., Popow, E., Schmoll, J. and & Wolter, D. (2000), PMAS: An Integral Field Spectrophotometer for the Calar Alto Observatory 3.5m Telescope (Poster), ASP Conf. Ser. 195: Imaging the Universe in Three Dimensions 195: 581-.
  • Roth, M.M., Becker, T. & Schmoll, J. (2000), Faint Object 2-D Spectroscopy: Promise and Limitations, ASP Conf. Ser. 195: Imaging the Universe in Three Dimensions 195: 122-.
  • Schmoll, J., Popow, E. & Roth, M.M. (1998), FRD Optimization for PMAS, ASP Conf. Ser. 152: Fiber Optics in Astronomy III 152: 64-.
  • Reif, K., Bagschik, K., Klink, G., Kohley, R., Poschmann, H., de Boer, K. S., Mueller, Ph., Mebold, U., Schmoll, J. & Heber, U. (1998), BUSCA: Simultaneous imaging in 4 optical bands, in Schielicke, Reinhard E. eds, Abstract series / Astronomische Gesellschaft 14: Annual Scientific Meeting of the Astronomische Gesellschaft. Heidelberg, Astronomische Gesellschaft, Hamburg, talk #I06 poster #P116.
  • Roth, Martin M., Bauer, Svend-Marian, Dionies, F., Fechner, T., Hahn, T., Laux, Uwe, Nickel, U., Popow, E., Schmoll, J. and & Wolter, D. (1998), PMAS -- the Potsdam multiaperture spectrophotometer: a progress report, Proc. SPIE Vol. 3355, p. 798-809, Optical Astronomical Instrumentation, Sandro D'Odorico; Ed 3355: 798-809.
  • Sanner, J., Dieball, A., Schmoll, J., Reif, K. and & Geffert, M. (1998), HoLiCam - A New Device For Astrometry, Proceedings of the Fourth International Workshop on Positional Astronomy and Celestial Mechanics, eds, Lopez Garcia, A. et al., 1998, 373-376 373-376.
  • Schmoll, J., Roth, M.M. & Laux, U. (1998), Lens Array and Fiber Developments for PMAS, Astronomische Gesellschaft Meeting Abstracts 14: 5-.
  • Bleul, H., Manthey, E., Juette, M., Pohlen, M., Schmidtobreick, L., Vanscheidt, R., Altmann, M., Sanner, J., Geffert, M., & Dieball, A. and Schmoll, J. (1997), Morphology of comet C/1995 O1 (Hale-Bopp) - quantitative analysis of the segmented coma in February 1997, Astronomische Gesellschaft Abstract Series 13: 173-.

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