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Dr Kai Wang


PDRA in the Department of Physics


Kai Wang at Pigeon Point Light House

I am interested in the galaxy-halo connection. This is a very broad topic and I have been exploring== galaxy-halo connections ==+ the technique to identify galaxy groups and protoclusters in galaxy surveys;+ the technique to measure halo mass using weak gravitational lensing;+ how to connect galaxies across cosmic time leveraging the galaxy-halo connection at different redshift;+ how the quenching of central galaxies is related to large-scale structures and halo assembly histories;+ how the chemical properties of galaxies are affected by their environment;== dark matter halos ==+ the assembly of dark matter halos and its relation to their internal structures and spatial distributions;+ dynamical friction and the tidal evolution of satellite subhalos;== galaxies ==+ the technique to estimate physical properties of galaxies from their observed spectral energy distributions;+ the metal content of galaxies and its relation to galaxy evolution processes;+ the quenching of massive central galaxies and its relation to the feedback from super-massive black holes.