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Karam Chadha

Assistant Professor in Legal Theory

Assistant Professor in Legal Theory in the Durham Law School


Karamvir is an Assistant Professor in Legal Theory at Durham Law School.

Before coming to Durham, Karamvir studied law, economics, and philosophy (variously) at the Universities of Manchester, North Carolina, Bologna, Hamburg, Bristol, Oxford, and Cambridge.


Karamvir works at the intersection of philosophy and legal theory. His research is about how law and philosophy—​especially ethics and political philosophy—can help oppressed people to understand and combat their oppression. Karamvir's current research programme focuses on the moral and legal importance of consent, especially sexual consent. He is also beginning a parallel research programme focusing on what makes a group an ethnic group, whether Sikhs are an ethnic group, and how best to understand discrimination on the ground of ethnicity.

  • Introduction to English Law and Legal Method
  • Jurisprudence

Research interests

  • Consent
  • Ethics
  • Ethnicity
  • Jurisprudence
  • Legal Theory
  • Normative Powers
  • Political Philosophy

Supervision students