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Dr Kathryn Lomas

Honorary Research Fellow

MA, PhD, Dip. Comp. Sc.

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Honorary Research Fellow in the Department of Classics and Ancient History  


Dr Kathryn Lomas was educated at the universities of Edinburgh (1978-82) and Newcastle upon Tyne (1983-89). She has held Research Fellowships at UCL (1989-94 and 2002-2008) and the University of Newcastle (1994-97), as well as teaching posts at the Universities of Newcastle, Edinburgh and Durham.

Her principal areas of research are the history and of archaeology of pre-Roman and Roman Italy, Greek settlement and colonisation in the western Mediterranean, and cultural and ethnic identities in the ancient
She has a particular interest in the development of cities and urban life in the ancient world and is working on a long-standing research project on urbanism in ancient Italy. 

She recently edited a book on cultural identities in the Roman world (A. Gardner, E. Herring and K. Lomas (eds), Creating Ethnicities and Identities in the Roman World (London: Institute of Classical Studies, 2013) and is currently completing a book on early Rome (K.Lomas, Italy and the Rise of Rome, 1000 - 264 BC), which will be published by Profile Books.

She is currently preparing a book on the development of literacy in ancient Italy, and several articles on Greek culture in southern Italy.

Research interests

  • Roman Italy
  • Ancient Literacy
  • Urbanisation
  • Greek settlement and colonisation in the western Mediterranean
  • Epigraphy


Authored book

  • Lomas, K. (Submitted). The Rise of Rome, 1000 BC to 264 BC. Profile.
  • Lomas, K. (1996). Roman Italy, 338 BC-AD 200: a sourcebook. UCL Press.
  • Lomas, K. (1993). Rome and the western Greeks, 350 BC - AD 200: conquest and acculturation in southern Italy. Routledge.

Chapter in book

  • Lomas, K. (2015). Hidden writing: epitaphs within tombs in Early Italy. In =L’écriture et l’espace de la mort. Épigraphie et nécropoles à l'époque pré-romaine. Haack, M.L. Ecole francaise de Rome.
  • Lomas, K. (2015). Rome, Magna Graecia and Sicily in Livy, 326-200 BC. In A Companion to Livy. Mineo, B. Wiley-Blackwell.
  • Lomas, K. (2012). Space, boundaries, and ethnicity in the ancient Veneto. In Landscape, Ethnicity, Identity in the archaic Mediterranean Area. Cifani, G. & Stoddart, S. Oxbow. 187-206.
  • Lomas, K. (2012). The weakest link: Elite social networks in Republican Italy. In Processes of integration and identity formation in the Roman Republic. Roselaar, S. Brill. 197-214.
  • Lomas, K. (2011). Cultures of commemoration in north-east Italy: Greeks, Etruscans, Veneti and the stelae patavinae. In Communicating Identities in Iron Age Italy. Gleba, M. & Horsnaes, H. Oxbow. 7-25.
  • Lomas, K. (2009). Gender identities in the Veneto in the 1st millennium BC. In Gender Identities in Ancient Italyin the 1st millennium BC. Herring, E. & Lomas, K. Archaeopress. 13-26.
  • Lomas, K. (2006). Beyond Magna Graecia: Greeks and Non‐Greeks in France, Spain and Italy. In The Blackwell Companion to the Classical Greek World. Kinzl, K. Blackwell. 174-96.

Edited book

  • Gardner, A., Herring, E. & Lomas, K. (2013). Creating Ethnicities and Identities in the Roman World. Bulletin of the Institute of Classical Studies. Supplement, 120. Institute of Classical Studies, School of Advanced Study.
  • Herring, E. & Lomas, K. (2009). Gender identities in Italy in the first millennium BC. BAR international series, 1983. Archaeopress.
  • Lomas, K., Whitehouse, R.D. & Wilkins, J.B. (2007). Literacy and the state in the ancient Mediterranean. Accordia specialist studies on the Mediterranean 7. Accordia Research Institute.
  • Lomas, K. (2004). Greek identity in the western Mediterranean. Mnemosyne, bibliotheca classica Batava. Supplementum 246. Brill.
  • Cornell, T.J. & Lomas, K. (2003). 'Bread and circuses': euergetism and municipal patronage in Roman Italy. Routledge.
  • Cornell, T.J. & Lomas, K. (1995). Urban society in Roman Italy. UCL Press.

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