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Keerthi Vasishta

Research Postgraduate

Research Postgraduate in the Department of English Studies



I am a current PGR student at Durham working under the supervision of Prof Mark Sandy and Dr Valladares. My thesis is concerned with liberty as it appears in the work of William Wordsworth. I use a hybrid method of traditional formal analysis, historiography and philosophy to investigate the links between the religious and the political in Wordsworth's work.

Apart from Romanticism, my research interests include John Milton, Postcolonial Studies, Literary Theory, Indian Literatures, History of Science and the intersections of religion, politics and literature.

I am also a poet and creative writer and have published non-academically in different journals and publications in India and elsewhere.

Conference Presentations
  • 'The Chartreuse Complications: Reassessing the role of Chartreuse in Wordsworth’s “Descriptive Sketches on a Pedestrian Tour of the Alps” (1793)'. Wordsworth Summer Conference 2023. (Ena Wordsworth Bursary)
  • 'Wordsworth and Peterloo: An alternative view'. Wordsworth Spring Symposium, 2023. 
  • "Anti-Napoleons: The King of Sweden and Toussaint L'Ouverture as anti-Napoleonic figures in Wordsworth's Sonnets Upon Liberty (1807)". Wordsworth Summer Conference 2022 (Richard Wordsworth Bursary 2022 and Hatfield College MCR Research Award)
  • "Centuries which never end: Seventeenth Century philosophy in Wordsworth’s poetry" at 'The Interdisciplinary Revolution: Re-Thinking Definitional and Temporal Boundaries in Interdisciplinary Nineteenth Century Research', 2022. 
  • "Nation-ed: A study of the concept of a nation through Nigeria." at a seminar on Cultural Studies "Consuming Cultures 2017" at Christ University.
  • “Religion, God and Identity in the film PK" at a seminar on Media Studies "Media Meet 2016" at Christ University.
  • Talk- Religion, Myths and Literature at Destination Heritage (Online) July 2021
  • Seminar- Writing Histories: Creative Writing and Historical themes, Destination Heritage July 2021 (Online)