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Kevin Ring

Senior Technician (Mechanical)

Senior Technician (Mechanical) in the Department of Physics


Responsibilities within department

To develop and construct complex and precision apparatus for teaching and research; to provide mechanical engineering support to teaching laboratories and research groups within the Department of Physics.

  • City and Guilds Mechanical Engineering (Parts 1-4)
  • City and Guilds Autocad
  • City and Guilds Computer Engineering
Personal Statement

I completed an apprenticeship at Burgess Microswitch, to become a qualified toolmaker in moulding and press tools. I then became a model maker, a job which I did for 20 years. As part of my duties, I was promoted to model shop supervisor, I liaised with tooling companies regarding the manufacture of production tools.

After a period of time working at a local comprehensive school, I started work within the Dept of Physics in 2011.