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Kieran Sewell

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Member of the Durham Law School  


Kieran is studying towards a Master of Jurisprudence (MJur) at Durham Law School, which has awarded him with an MJur Studentship. He holds an Upper Second-Class degree in Law (LLB) from Durham Law School. Kieran has an interest in Human Rights Law, particularly, the effect of freedom of expression protection of false statements on democratic society.

Current Research

Kieran's research concerns the effect of freedom of expression on free elections. The research focuses on the growing misinformation/disinformation issue and argues that, whilst the issue is not the new phenomenon it is so often portrayed as being, it is uniquely concerning and disruptive in light of technological developments. The research acknowledges the difficulty in dealing with the issue and the differing harms it has, particularly on electoral integrity.

By considering the approaches taken by the UK, the US and Australia against the misinformation/disinformation issue, the research attempts to uncover what form the UK approach should take, what must be considered in formulating an approach to countering the issue and the impact freedom of expression concerns has had on the realisation of the different state approaches.