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Kieran Sewell

Tutorials (Ptt)

LLB (Hons) MJur (Dunelm)

Tutorials (Ptt) in the Durham Law School


Kieran is a member of the Human Rights and Public Law Centre at Durham Law School (HRPLC). Kieran holds a Master of Jurisprudence (MJur) for which they received no corrections, and an LLB from Durham Law School. Whilst studying for the MJur at Durham, Kieran was a recipient of the MJur Studentship. Additionally, whilst completing the MJur, Kieran taught on core modules in the Law School.

Kieran also teaches on the Widening Participation Scheme. 

Master of Jurisprudence

Kieran's thesis principally concerned critically evaluating the suitability of free speech theory, particularly the argument from truth, in light of the spread of misinformation and disinformation online. An interdisciplinary approach, particularly employing psychology and communication perspectives on the formation of belief and spread of information online, was employed.

Upon finding that a truth-seeking approach to misinformation and disinformation was unsuitable due to psychological and technological advantages misinformation and disinformation holds over the “truth,” the remainder of the thesis evaluated (proposed) legislation, in the UK and US, that aimed to counter the harmful effects of misinformation and disinformation. Beyond evaluating the legislation and proposals in light of this conclusion, this part of the thesis also required: examining them in light of the restrictions they placed upon speech (First Amendment, and Art.10, ECHR/HRA1998); taking into consideration the specific technologies/forms of speech and speakers affected (e.g., AI/bot speech, microtargeted advertisements, the press, politicians), and; where relevant considering the compatibility of proposals with human rights law generally (e.g., where proposals excluded certain groups from protection).

Teaching Experience
  • The Individual and State (LAW1081) (Since 2021)
  • Tort Law (LAW1051) (Since 2021)
  • Introduction to English Law and Legal Method (LAW1121) (Since 2022)
  • UK Constitutional Law (LAW1091) (Since 2023)